Automated Workflow: The Fix is In! (Continued)

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To expand on our first automated workflow example, let’s take another look at an actual workflow process for closing an important sale at the end of the month.

A sales resource has a deal ready to close that will exceed his quota for the month as well as the district’s revenue target for that month.  Caveat: the customer wants a discount on the final purchase price.  The discount is very reasonable, but no discounting is allowed by the sales force. All discounts must be approved by the sales manager.  The sales manager is on the golf course wooing a new client.

What looks like a deal killer without automated workflow, is a slam dunk with it!!! Let’s take a look…

Scenario 1 – Without:  The sales resource is not able to contact the sales manager on the golf course.  If he doesn’t get approval today, the sale will not go through this month and he and the district will miss their targets.

Scenario 2 – With workflow automation: The sales resource enters sale into the ERP system, workflow triggers on the discount submitted and sends a notification to the sales manager’s mobile device.  The sales manager receives the information to his mobile device that includes the significance of the sale, and is able to “approve” or “reject” from his mobile device.  If he “approves” the transaction with the discount, the approval is forwarded to the sales resource.  The sales resource then closes the sale; all targets are met.

Looking at Scenario 2, we see an efficient and effective process that protects and enforces internal business rules without sending a negative message to the waiting parties (sales resource and customer).  Hair loss may be a malady of the past!!!

Think about what processes you are required to manage that could be streamlined by automated workflow.  How many times did you need an “approval” and could not access the “approver”?  Have you ever suffered the frustration of a necessary workflow morphing into a workslow?

Let the professionals at Integrity Data help you leverage automated workflow to put an end to the frustration, allow your organization to operate in real time, and put an end to premature hair loss forever.

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