Workflow Automation: Something Has To Change

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As mentioned in our last blog, workflow can morph into “workslow”.  It happens time and time again: someone didn’t see the memo; someone didn’t get the email; a notice went to the wrong person, etc., etc.

Who is happy when required processes do not occur on time or at all?  Remember the first rule of business is to affix blame!  Hopefully this is not true in your organization. However, think of the difficulty finding the cause when the workflow is crossing business tiers, departmental silos, or even multiple facilities in different geographic locations. If your process isn’t linear, it’s almost impossible!

The exec wanted more information regarding the request, and then decided middle management should make the decision – creating another cycle.  Time, effort, and repeated tasks are the result.  ARRGH!  All I really wanted was to… what!?  Move forward?  Accomplish something?  Really?

There has got to be a better way… not to affix blame but to get the job done!

Remember:  You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow…

So let’s talk about workflow automation:  taking the workflow process and creating a model of components that manage and enforce consistent handling of the work.  Workflow automation is driven by a workflow engine; this engine takes the steps in the procedure and applies rules for each step, then determines if the process is ready to take the next step.

Does an automated workflow sound like something you could use?  Would it drive efficiencies?  Would it result in a more effective process?  Would it simply reduce the amount of hair loss from you wanting to pull your hair out?

If your answer to any of the questions above is “yes”, you will want to check out our next blog as we discuss some actual scenarios that you can relate to.

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