Managing Your Vendors in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Managing an efficient supply chain can be challenging. Knowing where to get raw materials or products at the best price and on time is no easy task, especially when you work with dozens or hundreds of vendors. Using innovative technology, such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) and workflow software, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP with U-LINC®, will add automation, visibility, and control over your supply chain network.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a comprehensive ERP software solution that will manage financials, manufacturing, project and services management, supply chain, human resources and payroll, and provides robust business intelligence and reporting features. This integrated software solution encourages communication and collaboration internally, as well as with customers and vendors. Adding a workflow solution, like U-LINC, will provide an additional layer of control to make sure operations are completed efficiently and accurately each and every time.

U-LINC provides notifications and captures transactions for the workflows that you specify. For example, when a vendor sends you an invoice that can begin a new workflow scenario. You can route the invoice to inventory to confirm receipt of the materials and verify the costs. Once approved, the invoice can be routed to a manager for approval and go to accounting to write the check. After a check is sent for payment, a notification can be sent to inventory so that they know their vendor was paid. You can create workflows for any operation that requires consistency, manager approvals, or other verification – such as shipping, sales, changing purchase orders, or providing customer service.

Using ERP and workflow software will help you determine which vendors are the most reliable, can ship on short-notice, or have better pricing structures when you buy in bulk. Use this information to maintain healthy inventory levels, keep production running, and leverage vendor expenses. Contact Integrity Data for more information about managing vendors with Microsoft Dynamics GP and U-LINC.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois



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