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Technology helps streamline processes, but it only works if everyone if an organization is on the same page.  To stay connected, you need to be connected anywhere, anytime.  Streamline your efforts to build collaboration with the use of U-LINC®.

U-LINC is a workflow solution that can streamline how you complete a project or important task.  Instead of shooting out emails or searching the halls for your co-workers to see what is going on with your project, use U-LINC to automate your project and to keep tabs on the project’s progression.  U-LINC works with your existing business software and creates notifications that push information or tasks from one person to another automatically.  For example, you can set up notifications to send out customer satisfaction surveys, and a workflow that defines what to do when a completed survey is returned.  You determine who needs to handle the task, who needs to approve the data or document, then how it is sent out to a customer and how it’s handled when it’s returned.  Instead of using inter-office mail or email to shuffle draft documents for review, you send them automatically through U-LINC.  You’ll save valuable time, reduce common delays, and you’ll have an electronic audit trail so you can rest assured that tasks are being completed in accordance with corporate policy and procedures.

You can route workflows in and out of your core business software and make them as simple or as complex as needed.  U-LINC is easy to use and modify for a vast range of important tasks.  You can take data from business software like Microsoft Dynamics® GP and use it to trigger a workflow.  You could, for example, take accounts receivable data and automatically notify the customer’s sales representative that his customer has made a payment.  This may trigger a follow-up to send a customer survey or place a phone call to determine the level of satisfaction from your product or service.  This type of automatic reminder will improve customer service and could lead to new business.

Using workflows will streamline communication and build collaboration throughout your business.  Automating processes saves everyone valuable time and improves efficiency.  Your customers will also reap benefits through the increased attention your team can deliver with this improved productivity.  Contact Integrity Data for more information about getting your team on the same page with U-LINC.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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