StockIQ Named Best Demand Planning Software for 2021

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StockIQ has made the list for BEST DEMAND PLANNING SOFTWARE  for 2021 (Top 20 companies listed alphabetical) announced by Digital. StockIQ® produces comprehensive forecasting and replenishment planning software that addresses the complex challenges faced by Distributors, and Manufacturers.

Intelligent Supply Chain Planning goes well beyond the capabilities of typical forecasting software. It provides applications that assist with economic decision making, long term replenishment planning, and purchase order execution. Therefore, buyers become more productive while increasing fiscal stewardship. Furthermore, it enables additional productivity through supplier performance tracking and alerts that allow for management by exception.

The majority of solid supply chain planning starts with a good forecast. StockIQ's proprietary forecasting algorithm has been tested on over one billion time series to ensure it generates accurate, sensible forecasts.

  1. Forecast Hierarchies: Bottom up, top down, and middle out forecast are all possible with StockIQ's sophisticated forecast hierarchies.
  2. Events: Generate more accurate forecasts by informing the algorithm of special events like promotions, new customers, natural disasters, and any other unusual demand.
  3. Promotion Planning: StockIQ will track historical promotion performance and automatically incorporate adjustments for planned future promotions.
  4. Current Period Prediction: StockIQ monitors performance of your forecast relative to actuals throughout your month, adjusting on-the-fly as necessary.
  5. New Items: StockIQ contains special guided workflows and logic for handling new part planning.
  6. Customer and Channel Forecasting: Forecast at the item, group, channel, or individual customer level according to the needs of your business.
  7. Lost Sales: The idea of Lost Sales is trying to estimate or capture sales that you lost due to insufficient inventory levels. StockIQ can estimate lost sales based on on-hand and demand history.

StockIQ would like to recognize their clients; they were instrumental in StockIQ achieving Best Demand Planning Software for 2021. Below you will find a few of our client's reviews that helped propel us to the top.

Bret S | Making Forecasting Make Sense
The user interface is great and the usability is easy. System downtime is basically non-existent and the customer support is top notch. The development team at StockIQ listens to and values the feedback they get from users and often implement suggested changes...sometimes quite rapidly. StockIQ is a great planning software for companies of all sizes and the implementation was quick and painless. 
Our experience with StockIQ has been tremendous. We have an opportunity to influence some enhancements and add-ons and the response time from their support team is outstanding. Our planners can now spend more time assessing odd demands and make better forecasting decisions rather than hours creating them in spreadsheets. Visually, the graphs have been wonderful in creating dialogue between our inventory planning team and the sales team. 

Andrew C | ERP Agnostic Tech With Top-Tier Support
We are on a custom ERP, so most out of the box solutions wouldn't work. We also have a somewhat complicated ordering system with lots of specific parameters. StockIQ was able to handle all of our needs, even when a few required so slight tweaks. The implementation team was committed to our success and continued to help us optimize our settings, and regularly listens to feedback and adds functionality.

We welcome you to read other supply chain planning client reviews.

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