Solver BI360 Certification – Affirmation and Validation

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I am a proud recipient of Solver’s new BI360 Report Design certification. This got me thinking about the importance of third-party validation. Moving beyond individual skills, we want assurance that the overall solution is strong. Recent events at Solver have provided me with a high level of confidence. In addition to the certification program,

  • Microsoft has approved the Power BI/BI360 connector.
  • Solver is completing a SOC level 2 audit.

Certification – I am pleased that Solver has joined the long list of software vendors with certification programs. Certification verifies BI360 expertise through both a theory-based exam and a hands-on template building demonstration. Customers should always look for certification programs from their software vendors – as well as an individual’s software certification – to assure implementation and support expertise.

Microsoft Power BI/BI360 Connector – The April update of PowerBI includes the BI360 connector. Microsoft’s acceptance, after rigorous testing, is another affirmation of BI360. Power BI has become a popular application for analytics, building dashboards, and other Business Intelligence (BI) tasks, particularly for Microsoft-centric customers. Now, with the strong reporting, budgeting and KPI performance of BI360 – you also have an outstanding set of Power BI capabilities.

SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls) – This is an audit, defined by the AICPA (American Institute of CPAs), to assure that your data is managed safely and securely. It goes beyond just the data center, looking at overall company procedures to protect data Security, Privacy, Confidentiality, Processing Integrity and Availability. It is often, as in Solver’s case, combined with a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) audit to meet the requirements that safeguard sensitive health records. As a rule, you should not place your data in the cloud unless your provider has completed a SOC level 2 audit.

What Does It Mean – In keeping with the theme of this blog - affirmation by a third party – a lot has been happening at Solver:

  • They have initiated a BI360 certification program for implementers, such as myself, to make sure that customers have access to strong execution resources.
  • Microsoft has given them the seal of approval for their Power BI connector – thereby extending the capabilities of BI360 with data visualization and analytics.
  • Outside auditors are completing a rigorous SOC level 2 compliance audit, thus providing yet another level of confidence in the security of your data.

BI360 and Me!

The BI360 Cloud by Solver is a comprehensive Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system, supporting Reporting, Budgeting, and Business Intelligence. If you’re interested in a CPM solution, the BI360 Cloud is worth a look.

Please feel free to contact me for more information at or visit me at

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