The latest developments in the construction machinery market

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The developments in innovate construction machinery are advancing at lightning speed. In the meantime, construction companies have to make contract choices: rent, lease, or buy? This article contains an overview of the important trends.

Sensors are everywhere: in our cars, computers, thermostats, refrigerators, and construction machinery. They also contain more and more electronics. For example, sensors in construction machinery can measure vibration, temperature, and CO₂ level. The software indicates limits so that the driver in the cabin does not need to pay attention to this. It ensures that the machine does not exceed a certain height or depth beyond an x number of meters.

Predicting is the new scanning. New technology can truly predict everything. Is it necessary to schedule the excavator for maintenance? When is the right time to replace filters? How much fuel did the machine use this week? Let the computer do the work so that you can keep your hands free for something else. For each project, the fuel used can be read out or the engine operator can monitor it.

Construction machinery
Image 1: The construction machinery may be worth € 1.1 billion in 2019

Many different companies have their own equipment service. Of course, on balance, more companies own their own machinery. Yet the “self-buying” of construction machines seems to be returning. Renting and leasing are on the rise, as we can see on the internet, where a platoon of providers is passing by.

In 2017, more than €1 billion in construction machinery will be rent out in the Netherlands alone, for example. This upward trend will continue, according to the European Rental Association (ERA). In 2019, a turnover of almost €1.1 billion is expected. But what will it be? The tone has been set. Rental and leasing constructions are immensely popular, and you do not have to be a mathematician to conclude that this is at the expense of buying. But do you have the software to support this?

DynaRent offers all you need out of the box to fully support all your business processes. Built specifically for the rental market by software engineers with over a decade of experience in the rental market, it is one of the most extensive pieces of ERP you will find. Its functionalities are nearly unlimited.

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