How to monitor the spare-parts costs of your equipment before performing maintenance jobs

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It is much easier to make decisions when you have the right information at the right time. For example, let’s take a look at the equipment rental and service business. Service management has to decide whether it is worth repairing equipment a piece of equipment or whether to write it off. That decision is easy when service management has all the necessary information

To repair or not to repair?

DynaRent makes it easy. You can report malfunctioning equipment through an app, portal, or simply by telephone. DynaRent immediately creates a repair work order, which the service department automatically picks up. They will then look at the service agreements to decide within what time-frame the equipment must be repaired or replaced.

The work order contains valuable information about which equipment is reported as damaged. Also, the work order might provide information about the possible equipment repair costs. It calculates everything simply by looking at transportation, labor costs, and the spare parts required.

But the million-dollar question in here is: Is it worth repairing or not?

Especially when a malfunction is severe, it might take a lot of downtime and labor costs to repair the equipment. The service manager needs to decide rapidly whether to repair the equipment. The answer comes from the daily or monthly BI reporting tools. The system generates a detailed report and helps you to make that decision.

You can exactly see last year’s maintenance costs
Image: But DynaRent offers more, on each piece of equipment you can exactly see last year’s maintenance costs and this year (YTD) maintenance costs

But DynaRent offers more...

On each piece of equipment, you can see this year’s (YTD) and last year’s exact maintenance costs.

When you look at the equipment list, you can easily see the maintenance totals. In addition, you can view the acquisition price of the asset and the current net book value.

DynaRent gathers all the information in one place and pulls the right data directly from the transactions. This helps the service engineer make the right decision at the right time.

Of course, this is just a glimpse of the maintenance cost control within DynaRent. DynaRent’s Business Intelligence tools can provide even more detailed information about the performance of equipment. For example, you can take a look at the breakdown in hours/days and maintenance costs at the equipment, sub-group, or group level.

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