Want to provide equipment and its status directly to each depot manager and take proper action immediately?

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Equipment-driven rental and services companies are themselves driven by field service requirements. Therefore, mobility has become essential to working with remote employees. There are many areas to explore in mobile apps for field service.

As a result, we focus on the importance of choosing an app with workflows that guide employees through service processes precisely. How important is it to choose an app and platform which lets you configure those workflows for all your tasks? With DynaRent Power Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations you can provide both mobile staff and your back office with what they need.

Out-of-the-box configured mobile apps

DynaRent Mobile includes PowerApps and out-of-the-box configured mobile apps made for employees who work on a depot to directly view equipment, its status, and other required information. In this article, we focus on the Equipment Overview PowerApp that can be made available for every employee working on a depot

DynaRent Power Apps
Image 1: Depot Manager: DynaRent Power Apps for Dynamics 365

The Depot Manager DynaRent PowerApp offers the following capabilities:

  • List equipment that is placed on a depot
  • Technical availability view
  • Maintenance history view
  • Upcoming maintenance cycles view
  • Create corrective maintenance jobs
  • Create transportation work orders
  • Download equipment documentation
  • Capture photos
  • Update task status

Cross-platform compatibility

Built on the PowerApps Platform, DynaRent PowerApps integrates fully with DynaRent in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Furthermore, cross-platform compatibility ensure that it runs seamlessly on any Android or IOS device. In addition, DynaRent PowerApps offers a fast start, with a simple download to devices and login. It’s available on premise and via the cloud, and is ready to incorporate technologies such as the IoT, M2M, AR, 3D, and more.

Following a roadmap that we created together with our partners and customers, we ensure that all the current and future DynaRent PowerApps focus completely on the industries in which we operate!

DynaRent Power Apps
Image 2: Equipment overview: DynaRent Power Apps for Dynamics 365

Curious about our DynaRent PowerApps? We’re more than happy to provide you with a tailored demonstration. Please contact us at info@highsoftware.com to discuss, or visit www.highsoftware.com and see what we’re up to!

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