The Top Three Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Dynamics GP Manufacturing Partner

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The top three questions to ask before selecting a Dynamics GP Manufacturing partner:

1.   Has my Manufacturing consultant received their Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing certification?

While the ability to pass a Microsoft certification test shouldn’t be the only determining factor when selecting an implementation partner, it is a large one.  Consultants who have studied for, and passed, the Manufacturing certification test are far more likely to have an understanding of the core principles of the module.  An understanding of the Manufacturing configurations, the transactional processes and their financial impact is a definite requirement when implementing the system.  Your implementation team may include a financial consultant, but it’s a bonus if your Manufacturing consultant comprehends basic cost accounting.

2.  Does my Manufacturing consultant have any real world experience?

Understanding the concepts within the Manufacturing module is one thing, but appreciating real life business factors is another.  Has your consultant been in the trenches?  Do they know the pressure of getting a product manufactured and out the door under the best of circumstances and under the worst?  What happens in the process flow if product needs to be reworked?  If a machine breaks down?  If the components don’t pass quality?  Having a grasp on the reality that your production schedule, capacity requirements and resources may be ever evolving is a key for determining the right process flow.

3.  How many successful Dynamics GP Manufacturing implementations has your partner done?

Having implementation experience with the Manufacturing module will mean that your partner may have already faced some of the challenges that you’ll encounter.  They’ll be able to provide insight into the pros and cons of utilizing certain functionality within the module.  For instance, tracking actual labor may provide valuable data with regard to the time it takes for each Manufacturing process step, but is it worth the additional effort it takes production employees to register their time or the additional user licenses you may require.  They may also have a better understanding of what add-on products are available that may help you optimize your system.

Bottom line – don’t be afraid to ask questions of your partner or for references from past implementations.  It’s always great to hear from end-users how their Dynamics GP Manufacturing implementation went.  Equally important, make sure your potential partner is asking you the right questions about your business as well.

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