How to improve your venue and event rental workflow quick and easy

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The venue and/or event rental business revolves around the effective and efficient management. Not only equipment or spaces but also tools, materials, services, and people. Concepts like CRM, contract management, inventory and availability, planning, execution, billing, and ledger integration need to be perfectly streamlined. As a result you can be successful in the volatile venue and event rental industry.

A venue and event rental software application should be able to support you in the streamlining process. In addition most venue and event rental software applications nowadays only offer a few of these capabilities in their functions and features. Let alone the support to streamline all of them.

Streamline your venue and event rental processes with DynaRent

Due to DynaRent, you can have the tools to streamline all these processes. And therefore effectively manage your venue and event rental business. From the tracking and monitoring of suspects, leads, and prospects to robust venue management.

  • well-configured venue rental offerings to real-time availability overviews for equipment/spaces, tools, materials, and employees…
  • seamlessly integrated incident management to correct billing of the client for the rented equipment/spaces, services, and/or workforce for an event.
  • flexible nature of the DynaRent Solutions Suite offers you the potential to relatively easily open new lines of business in the solution and/or new product offerings.
  • the application offers full integration with the general ledger, keeping track of the finances and extracting financial reports are easy.
  • operational/tactical/strategic reporting and monitoring can be done based on real-time data and can be displayed in the same application via a personalized dashboard.

Hence it allows your employees to have a firm grasp on the performance of the company and manage the processes by exception.

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Image: Graphical planning for equipment and resources with intuitive drag-and-drop, color indication, and visual signs

Curious about our DynaRent Solution Suite? We’re more than happy to provide you with a tailored demonstration. Please contact us either at to discuss, or visit and see what we’re up to!

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