How to reduce your workload with the ultimate ERP system

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Automatic reports

With the right ERP system, you can share reports easily and quickly with your customers, with partners, or between employees. By scheduling the reports, you can deliver them within the right timeframe to your customer via email. in addition by integrating it with your schedule and email, file sharing has never been easier. Furthermore, the smoother the process, the smaller your workload gets.

Keeping track of your equipment

Prevent allocation of your equipment when it needs to be serviced or recalibrated. Due to machine learning, your system will become smarter and smarter. It can make predictions and give you advice. This is great news for companies that need to recalibrate their equipment on a regular basis. This whole process can be automated, which will save you time on the tasks at hand.


Let your ERP system remember the prices and rental rates

An ERP system is advanced enough to remember all the rules you set and all the exceptions to these rules. So, whenever you need to know a price or rental rate, you don’t have to look it up yourself. Eliminate human error and let the system do it for you! It will save you time and frustration.

Ultimate ERP systemAutomatic billing

Are you still manually creating and checking every single invoice? You can greatly reduce your workload by automating these tasks. Not only you will have a digital archive, you will reduce the chance of human error. There are no limitations, and the system is self-learning. Consequently, your invoices will always be recorded the same way. This makes it easier to find a cost item later. No more ink and paper are needed, and by connecting it to the Cloud, you can look up anything, anywhere.

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