Getting Successful ERP Implementation Started

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Successful ERP implementation makes all the difference in how smoothly your business uses their software on a daily basis. Check out these ERP implementation tips brought to you by Logan Consulting!

successful erp implementation

Finding a Customized Fit

Being honest about your company’s current pain points can help you choose a software built for you. Creating an environment where implementation is customized allows users to understand and utilize ERP to its full functionality.

Building a Successful Team

In conglomeration with a prosperous environment, you must select a team that is ready to focus on your long-term goals. Confirming that all parties involved are on the same page will allow your implementation to be that much easier. Teaming up with an ERP expert like, Logan Consulting, to guide you in a proper implementation is a smart choice to maximize accuracy from the start of a new software installation. Choosing a partner that has experience in your industry will allow you to gain a well-rounded perspective on what might work or not work.

Understanding your Needs

Whether your business is looking to improve customer service, streamline operations, create competitive advantage, improve the speed of growth, or all of the above—it is essential to be upfront about your short-term and long-term goals. Selecting a solution that only works towards your short-term goals can set back your company’s progress. Honing in on your current inventory levels, lead times, inventory accuracy, and operations allows you to take a step back and remember why you choose to implement forward-looking ERP.

Planning for the Future

Implementation doesn’t just stop once everyone is up-to-date with the new software. It’s important to keep up with your ERP solution by looking out for new features and trainings. Staying on top of these changes as they happen will allow you to rise with the competition.


Don’t let the phrase “ERP implementation” scare you! Implementation is time of growth, change, and unity. Getting your team on board and ready to make smarter business decisions can make your ERP implementation a grand success. To learn more about ERP selection and implementation download this free whitepaper on the practices that all successful implementations have in common: Schedule your consultation with Logan Consulting to get started now!

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