Are You Up To Date on ERP System Reviews?

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Performing Annual System Reviews can help you make sure your business stays on track.
Is your ERP system up-to-date?

You probably have your car serviced once a year. What about the vehicle that runs your business: your ERP system. Have you had that serviced lately?

Your ERP solution, the tool your company uses every day, can also benefit from regular servicing. The benefits: Reduced risk, efficient running to reduce overall maintenance costs and preserve longevity ensuring an increased ROI (return on investment).

You’ll realize these benefits only by performing regular reviews of your ERP system. But the primary need for regular maintenance boils down to one word: Change.

Your business is continually changing and technology is constantly evolving. Given those two truths, it can be a challenge to remain competitive. You need to be agile and adaptive to keep up.

Perhaps you acquired a new business unit or had a change in your sales model. Any changes will require a review of how you are using your ERP platform today and a plan for what you’ll need in the future.


Technology outpacing the evolution of business processes.

For the first time in decades, technology has outpaced the evolution of business processes. Increasing volumes of data, and advancements in how it is delivered and analyzed, the ubiquity of cloud computing and customers armed with information about their options have shifted expectations and possibilities.

Western Computer proactively counsels our clients on new capabilities being added to software solutions. New capabilities can contribute to increased opportunities, new ways to approach traditional practices. For example, implementing automated bank statements has helped several of Western Computer’s clients to automate much of their month-end reconciliation processes, enabling finance staff to focus on value-added month-end processes.

To take advantage of new capabilities, it may be advisable to consider upgrading or even to replacing legacy systems or modifications. For instance, organizations requiring an annual subscription model previously required a Deferred Revenue modification built for their system to ensure that they had the ability to recognize the revenue over 12 months. With the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this capability is standard in the Finance module and does not require any modifications to the core application.

Cash flow is a huge challenge for most organizations. Automated bank drafts for accounts receivable, available in Dynamics NAV, will have a positive impact on cash flow. Cash is automatically bank drafted into your bank account and there is no longer a requirement to wait for weeks for a check to be issued and processed.

The only way to know what is out there and what your business is capable of is to perform an annual review of your ERP solution. At the very least, you can expect improved business process flows and increased collaboration and use of business data.

Western Computer is uniquely positioned to offer these annual reviews to our clients and we have a number of best practice recommendations that we’d like to share with you.

Contact our team of Microsoft Dynamics experts at Western Computer and let us help you with your next ERP system review.


By Western Computer

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