Don’t Let Your Product Catalog Be the Web’s Best Kept Secret

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You may have the hottest inventory on the web, but if your eCommerce solution doesn’t feature a rich product catalog to help you push it, you’re destined to remain the web’s “best-kept secret.”

If you’re lucky, you’ve been to one of those restaurants where the best dishes aren’t on the menu. Drop the right name, and the chef wheels out the most heavenly carbonara this side of Tuscany, usually reserved for friends and family. It’s the city’s best-kept secret. Which is why it stays a secret.

Compare that to big chain restaurant menus. All the top sellers are featured prominently on their own page, illustrated with mouth-watering photos, and often available at special prices to move them faster.

The point? Looks matter.

Even the most basic web store catalogs feature detailed product descriptions and at least one or two photographs. k-eCommerce powered web stores can go far beyond this and offer numerous photos, videos, social media sharing, customer reviews, and more.

Informed buyers of the digital age do their research. Shopping online entails purchasing items you don’t see until they arrive, so it’s only logical that the customer will want as much information as possible before they buy. And unless they’re on the phone with one of your sales reps, odds are the average shopper has already started researching by the time they get to your website.

Engaging descriptions, product specs, media, and reviews from other customers not only equip your prospective client with the information they seek, but they dramatically improve your web store’s SEO and increase the odds that the customer will land on your site first.

With ERP-integrated solutions like k-eCommerce, critical information like inventory and price get updated in real time by the ERP. When customers can see at a glance that an item is in stock, they’ll be encouraged to buy right away. They’ll also be seeing product suggestions at every step, for constant exposure to potential upsells. And ERP-synced pricing means you’ll never have the headaches that come with inaccurate prices.

The best part of all this is that with k-eCommerce, you can create a world-class product catalog without being a tech wizard. Whether marketing, finance, acquisitions or general staff, our solution was designed with non-experts in mind.

For instance, our simple Import/Export feature lets you upload a lot of data (such as product images) very quickly, so you aren’t stuck entering everything one at a time. Our built-in content management system (CMS) lets you make significant changes to your web store’s appearance on the fly simply by adjusting a few basic configurations in the admin panel, it then allows you to change them back just as quickly.

The moral of the story is, a winning product catalog will showcase your goods and sell them for you. All you need is a well-designed, scalable, ERP-integrated solution like k-eCommerce.

k-eCommerce is an innovative B2B and B2C eCommerce platform that integrates to Microsoft Dynamics. It allows you simplify and accelerate your organization’s ability to sell online by pulling pricing, inventory, product information and more from your ERP and displaying it on your online store. k-eCommerce serves organizations in the manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, and retail industries. Contact us today and discover how our eCommerce solutions can help your business grow.

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