Dynamics LCS Task Guides: Optimizing the DynaRent customer experience

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Improving ease and performance for DynaRent users is always a priority for HiGH Software. That’s why the latest version of DynaRent for Dynamics 365 Operations (and Microsoft Dynamics AX) takes full advantage of the new Dynamics LCS Task Guides that’s part of Dynamics Lifecycle Services. In particular, we’re taking full advantage of tools that let us tailor solutions guidance for the many industries we serve.

The new Dynamics 365 Operations (and Microsoft Dynamics AX) takes the Dynamics LCS task guides to a new level; it’s much more than a standard tool that simply “shows” customers how to work with processes. For example task recordings can be:

  • Played as fully interactive task guides.
  • Displayed as procedural steps in the help pane.
  • Saved to a business process model in Dynamics Lifecycle Services.
  • Saved as Word documents.

Here’s an illustration and brief overview of how truly helpful and empowering a step-by-step, interactive task guide can be for DynaRent for Dynamics 365 Operations (and Microsoft Dynamics AX) users. To start, the Help Popup appears automatically to kick off guidance:

Dynamics LCS Task Guides
Image 1: Dynamics LCS Task Guides in Dynamics 365 for Operations

In addition, users can quickly locate relevant task guides while they’re executing a specific process; even better, they can open and work with an industry-specific WIKI.
The task guide enables users to execute an end-to-end business process directly in the production environment, because the interactive input is automatically saved and processed in the system.

How do task guides work within DynaRent for Dynamics 365 Operations (and Microsoft Dynamics AX)?

Scenario: A rental clerk needs to sub-rent a complex rental scaffolding kit from a vendor to serve the company’s customer. But the rental clerk isn’t sure about the steps or process flow they need to follow in the system for this specialized task. Help is literally a click away—the clerk happily uses the option to find the relevant task guide. They can then work interactively with the guide to complete the process directly in the system.

DynaRent for Dynamics Lifecycle Services has built a strong foundation of task guides for business processes that are specific to the solutions and industries actually used by our customers. Our industry-specific task guides is used for multiple purposes:

  • At the start of implementation to identify business processes that benefit from strong support.
  • During implementation to define, verify, and test customer business processes.
  • When the DynaRent system is fully operational, provide a 24/7 interactive Help experience.
  • At any time, to reproduce and record issues that may occur in the system, and send them directly to a project group, Microsoft or HiGH Software.

Task guides are included in the DynaRent library, along with all business processes for relevant solutions and industries. Help spans all end-to-end business processes as well as parts of a process executed separately.

Dynamics LCS Task Guides
Image 2: Dynamics LCS Task Guides, DynaRent LCS library for Dynamics 365 Operations (and Microsoft Dynamics AX)

Thrive and grow–that’s our goal for you at HiGH Software.

So you are curious about our DynaRent Solution Suite? We’re more than happy to provide you with a tailored demonstration. Please contact us at info@highsoftware.com to discuss, or visit www.highsoftware.com and see what we’re up to!

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