Make Pay Rate Changes Quickly and Correctly the First Time

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Make Pay Rate Changes Quickly and Correctly the First TimeThere are any number of reasons to change an employee’s pay rate, such as a change in job responsibilities, raise or promotion. Changing departments or rewarding employees can happen on any day of the week and, chances are, it won’t correspond with the end of a pay period. This creates a special challenge for the payroll team. Manually calculating pay rate changes not only eats up valuable time, it can lead to mistakes. Here’s how you can make changes to pay rates quickly and correctly the first time in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll.

Allocate Rate Changes on Your Terms

Savvy business owners hiring talented employees don’t want to wait longer than necessary for a new employee to start work. Similarly, employees don’t want delays or mistakes to impact a raise or promotion. Yet many accounting solutions don’t offer an easy way to allocate rate changes in the middle of a payroll period. Your payroll team ends up making manual calculations and finding unique ways to ensure employees receive appropriate rate changes. Sending an inflated two-week paycheck by accident and having to reverse an over-payment is as frustrating to employees as it is for the payroll team.

Start new employees and make rate changes on your terms by integrating Mid Pay Period Rate Changes with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll. Watch this short video and you’ll see how easy it is to use this efficient add-on solution. As you know, Dynamics GP only supports a single pay rate, which makes it difficult to allocate a raise, for example, unless it falls at the start of a new pay period. Since this is rarely the case, Mid Pay Period Rate Changes offers a simple three-step process to pay an employee using an old rate and a new pay rate in the same payroll run.

You simply establish the employee’s new pay rate, choose the date it becomes effective and provide a reason for the change. Using Mid Pay Period Rate Changes for Dynamics GP, this information automatically calculates the employee’s salary using both pay rates during the next payroll transaction. You’ll save valuable time from having to update transactions and avoid the risk of over-paying or under-paying an employee.

Mistakes Happen, Correct Them with Negative Payroll Transactions

Mistakes with payroll transactions is more common than you may think. Correcting them, even with Dynamics GP, takes time. Deploy Negative Payroll Transactions and turn a 17-step process into a single step correction. Enter a negative pay code transaction and reverse incorrectly paid earnings or other adjustments on previous payroll runs. The change is automatically carried through the payroll process and recorded on all payroll reports and posting journals.

Take Charge Over Complicated Payroll Processes

Don’t let your accounting software dictate how you manage employee and payroll information. Take charge of complicated payroll processes with the support of Mid Pay Period Rate Changes, Negative Payroll Transactions and other innovative payroll solutions. Contact Integrity Data for guidance with choosing and deploying the add-on solutions that streamline complicated payroll processes.


By Integrity Data, Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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