How does Dynamics 365 impact the need for an Annual Review of your ERP system?

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In today’s digital world, technological advancements, combined with external market forces, are creating a flow of near constant change within your organization. You need to be agile and adapt to these market changes.


Western Computer recommends that you perform an Annual Review on your ERP system to ensure your business processes are adapting to both these technology enhancements as well as the changing environment. In a previous article, Your motor vehicle gets an annual service, but do you service the ‘vehicle’ that runs your organization?, we reviewed why these annual reviews are important for your business and the business outcomes that you can expect.




Impact of Dynamics 365?


Dynamics 365 is purpose-built with applications that fit roles, industries, and businesses – so organizations can start with, and pay only for what they need, and grow at their pace to run their entire business in the cloud.


Implementation times have decreased significantly as customers choose to implement out-of-the-box functionality to start with and settle into a new rhythm of applying updates. Often, they will start exploring additional capabilities within the applications as well as the ability to quickly create new capabilities with PowerApps. This agile approach is opposite to the historical ‘big-bang’ method where companies waited to have everything installed at once resulting in much longer implementation times.


“The ramp-up time to get the technical infrastructure up and running and to keep these environments in sync has been decreased by at least 75%,” says Tony Castellano, Director of Sales at Western Computer.


With new capability continually being added to Dynamics 365, the importance of performing an Annual Review on your system becomes even more important. This review process will help organizations compare Dynamics 365 capability to what they have in their current solution. In some cases, Western Computer clients have cut back between six and seven ISV products by moving to Dynamics 365 Enterprise. While the initial investment may be higher, organizations are saving in the long term by not having recurring annual maintenance costs on additional 3rd party applications.


Performing an Annual Review on your ERP solution will ensure that companies stay up-to-date on product capability, allowing business executives to focus on strategic decisions surrounding their ERP solution.


Contact our team of Microsoft Dynamics experts at Western Computer if you need help with your next Annual Review.

By Western Computer

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