What Are the Top 2017 eCommerce Trends You Need to Consider?

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Top 2017 eCommerce Trends

It’s 2017 and we have been witnessing dramatic changes in the eCommerce Industry. By 2020, online shopping growth will jump to approximately $523 billion from the early figures of $335 billion. So, Your success depends on your digital marketing strategy. Hence, you must remain more up to date on the latest trends and innovations! Implement fresh ideas and change the outlook of your business!

In terms of software, there are various solutions that can ease your working processes. To get an eCommerce business running, you need to get hold of storefront and also financial information running in parallel. That's why Most organizations maintain 2 different solutions for this or even build a custom solution to ease their business processes.

So, what are the top 2017 eCommerce trends you need to consider? Here are some we consider important:

#1. Going Mobile

Undoubtedly, the advancement to mobility has emerged over the past five years. If you note the statistics of internet users, mobile users have overtaken the usual PC users on eCommerce Websites.

Consequently, I must admit the fact that the number of page views and hits come from mobile, but the purchases take place through the computers, simply because people are scared to give out their bank account details while making online payments. This will change eventually over a period of time.

If you have noticed, while purchasing from top eCommerce Websites, they come up with better offers if you are purchasing through the mobile application. For example, you get a deal for an Adidas Shoe which comes with a 25% discount while purchased via the website but when purchased through a mobile app, it comes with a 30% discount.

#2. Cyber Monday Offers

We have been hearing a lot about seasonal fests or offers every year. The latest trend shows that the shopping season has moved to November. The good news is that Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be the best shopping seasons ever to be seen for eCommerce Businesses. Hence, get your inventory and logistics geared up for those times, or else you are going to end up with complaints from your beloved customers

#3. Big Data and AI – Personalized Experience!

Building a well-established customer experience is the primary goal of any eCommerce business.

Let’s see in detail how Artificial Intelligence can help an eCommerce Business:

  1. Visual search and image recognition feature.
  2. Shopping Assistants.
  3. Chatbots for processing shopping orders via Chat.
  4. Technology solutions for enhancing eCommerce business processes.
  5. Fraud detection and merchant analytics.

eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, nopCommerce have been investing in upgrading their add-ons and features for a great shopping experience.

Speaking about Chatbots, they will be used just like an automated telephone which becomes interactive (seeming more like a sales staff).

#4. Loyalty Programs

The top players in the eCommerce Business,  have launched loyalty programs to retain their existing customers. Customer loyalty is one of the toughest areas to maintain as customers may move to competitors when they receive a better deal or coupons.

Some eCommerce Businesses use their mobile apps to capture consumer behavior information on a higher level. Consequently, This data helps the shopping platform to create personalized promotions or rewards for each of its customers.

#5. Cash on Delivery would be obsolete

This year, we might witness the end of Cash on Delivery features in online Businesses. Customers can make purchases without their smartphones using wearable technology like watches and rings.  Online merchants will not want to miss out on using these devices for payment purposes.

There’s more to say about eCommerce Trends.  Further, I could go on with 10 or 20 more trends. You can even read about the same information online. But, the most important thing that I would like to discuss is something not everyone would have yet considered or tried.

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