Tips for better user adoption of ERP solutions

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ERP solutions offer many different options to the businesses that want and need to use them. Companies shouldn’t choose the first ERP partner they come across and need to have  discussions of any customization and integrations that maybe needed before they choose a new ERP solution. If they desire an ERP solution that makes them more effective and efficient, then they need to fully understand their own operations and take specific steps to make sure they get the most out of an implementation.

While no two companies will have the same set of needs, preferences and desires for a new ERP platform, there are some pieces of guidance that apply to a wide variety of different enterprises. For example, businesses have to decide on a strong group of users to include in research and decision-making efforts. There's no specific recommendation that meets the needs of all organizations, but incorporating expected frequent users of the platform alongside IT staff and departmental leaders in these discussions paints a more complete picture and leads to positive results.

The TM Group examined the optimal structure of a team investigating ERP options and other pertinent pre-implementation concerns in a recent blog post.

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