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Summer is here!  You made it through another chilly spring and the lazy hazy days of summer are finally here. With business typically slowing down this time of year, it is a perfect time for you to evaluate your current accounting/ERP software system and determine if you need an upgrade.  (If the screen is green...yell for help!)

Accounting software (ERP systems) solutions can last you many years, but only if you maintain them with upgrades and service packs.  If you've had your system for 5 years or so chances are you're missing out on new features and functionality that can make business processes smoother. Many businesses dread accounting software upgrades because of the misunderstanding of costs and timeframe.  The fastest way to justify an ERP upgrade is to look at it as a continuation of the implementation process.  Every three to five years evaluate your current accounting solution and review hardware, system configurations and business processes.

As a Microsoft Dynamics GP (or other Microsoft Accounting Software) user, you have the ability to utilize a new solution roadmap tool: Unleash Your Potential.  This tool allows you to align your business goals with your software requirements and develops a long-term plan for your company.  In short, you can realize if you are getting the most from your current system or if you are missing key modules or features.  SBS Group can help you Unleash Your Potential...contact us today and one of our accounting software consultants will schedule an appointment to discuss your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

By: SBS Group - New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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