Cloud-Based ERP Offers More Options to Manufacturers

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Cloud-Based ERP Offers More Options to Manufacturers

More manufacturers are turning to cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and for good reason. The cloud offers greater agility and scalability, and supports increasingly complex regulatory requirements. In addition, the cloud offers businesses more power, with fewer costs than in-house deployments. Take your business to new heights with the right cloud-based ERP solution.

Cloud-computing is revolutionizing the operations of both large and small manufacturing companies and is poised to be an integral element in how manufacturers gain full value from their data. According to this white paper “Streamlining Manufacturing Operations Using IT,” over 50% of manufacturing departments are ramping up their enterprise use of cloud-services by 2017. Businesses that have already implemented cloud solutions have been able to reduce costs, improve productivity through process automation, and gain deeper insight into data. This is made possible by seamlessly integrating all of the moving parts of your enterprise into a single, centralized solution, then making that platform available to key employees and leaders throughout your organization




Cloud-Based ERP Delivers More Options, Opportunities to Manufacturers

Microsoft Azure is the pioneer of cloud-computing solutions and the release of the subscription-based Microsoft Dynamics365 platform raises the bar for true cloud-based functionality. Dynamics365 brings together ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality into one cloud-based platform. Businesses will manage financials, field services, sales, operations, marketing and customer services within Dynamics365 and take advantage of a vast set of new tools. Simple, easy-to-use mobility will deliver quick access to data, from any location, at any time. Workflows and stronger collaboration will improve productivity. Built-in insights and intuitive, predictive intelligence will highlight the data needed to make strong, data-driven decisions.

One key benefit for businesses using Dynamics365 on Azure will be the global network of Microsoft-managed data centers supporting Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems. Backed by this community, businesses will have access to the applications, tools and resources that will further strengthen and optimize their business solution. Manufacturers will be able to manage the seemingly countless steps and unique mechanisms needed to capture volumes of data. By connecting machines, materials and people in real-time, manufacturers will gain more value from their data and be able to use it to their competitive advantage.

When it comes to ERP, manufacturers have many options, and cloud-based ERP delivers even more opportunities. Download the white paper and contact Techminds Group for guidance with choosing and deploying the ERP system that can take your business to the next level.


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