Strengthen Your Technology by Integrating ERP With CRM

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Independently, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and customer relationship management (CRM) solution can be beneficial to the businesses that use them. Together, they can provide additional control and insight throughout your business. Here are three reasons to integrate your ERP and CRM solutions.

1. Greater insight: A robust ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, can provide valuable information about your business operations, productivity, and profitability. Connecting Microsoft Dynamics GP to its CRM partner, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, can provide even greater insight that includes how marketing and advertising efforts, as well as customer interactions, can influence your bottom line. You can quickly access and analyze both business data and customer data and leverage this deep insight to your competitive advantage.

2. Boost productivity: Many businesses use ERP to manage business operations and leave customer management up to their sales team. Disparate solutions create delays in sharing data which makes it difficult to have a 360 degree, real-time view of your entire business. Integrating ERP and CRM makes it easier for your team to enter and share important business and customer data. Built in workflows also streamlines common tasks. The faster you can get proposals and invoices approved, for example, the faster you satisfy customers and get paid.

3. Improve customer service: Customers demand prompt attention from your sales team, as well as order fulfillment, your accounting team, and possibly other business areas. You can provide your entire team with both business and customer data by integrating ERP and CRM.

Employees within each of your main departments can open customer accounts to answer customers’ questions, take orders, check on status of orders, and negotiate pricing on the fly. Putting customers on hold can cause frustrations and lead them to look elsewhere, whereas prompt customer service can lead to long-term, loyal business relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are powerful, popular business management tools. When combined, they are further strengthened which can also fortify control and insight throughout your business.

Contact OTT, Inc. for more information about how integrating your ERP and CRM solutions can bolster your bottom line.

By OTT, Inc., a Microsoft Dynamics Partner out of Minnesota

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