Manufacturing Downtime Is NOT An Option

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Manufacturers know very well that downtime can be expensive.  Many manufacturers even have estimates of what it could cost when the lines are down for a half-day, full day, or longer.  Although there could be many issues that can result in downtime, supply chain disruption has to be close to the top of the list.  Gain control and insight into your supply chain and minimize your risk for downtime.

Maintaining the delicate balance between inventory and production, which is needed in order to meet customer demands, can be tricky.  You make strategic procurement decisions so that you can order the necessary raw materials and have them delivered in time for scheduled production.  Production schedules rely on having available inventory.  However, every now and then, there is a weak link in the supply chain.  Extreme weather conditions, road or infrastructure problems, or simple miscommunications can lead to a supply chain interruption that brings production to a halt.  Each hour your lines are down can eat into profit margins and could lead to dissatisfied customers.  Eliminate supplier disruptions and reduce the risk for downtime by implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

An ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP can provide the control and insight you need within your supply chain.  You can manage supplier data, including a description of the raw materials you order most often and from which supplier.  Manage multiple pricing schedules, as well as delivery options, and you have a quick and easy source that defines all of your supply chain needs.  You can also rate your suppliers and determine whether you need secondary suppliers.  Having back-up, for those times when your primary supplier is unable to deliver, can mean the difference between a few hours of downtime or a few days.

You can also use ERP to manage bill of materials, requirements planning, and production scheduling.  Procurement teams can keep close tabs on inventory levels and place strategic replenishment orders that meet budgetary needs or time restrictions.  Your sales representatives can also use ERP to create more accurate job costing and sales forecasting reports based on real-time data within your system.

Downtime is never a good option.  Contact Sherwood Systems for more information about using ERP to streamline manufacturing activities and minimize the risks that can lead to downtime.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner out of Arizona

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