Proving the ROI in Accounts Payable Automation

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“How exactly will automation impact my existing procedures?” 

"Is it truly worth automating?"

"What is the value of AP automation?"

"What is the ROI?"

All questions the MineralTree team often hears, and ones you are likely asking yourself if you are looking for an Accounts Payable automation solution.

AP teams continue to manually input invoices, route for approvals, chase down payment authorization, and print checks that require a signature. This process adds up, and finance professionals are beginning to evaluate the impact automation can have.

AP automation simplifies and streamlines the invoice and payment process by eliminating the heavy lifting on your end while still following proper workflows and business practices ensuring the impact on your current process is only positive.

With AP automation, savings are estimated in two ways: invoice automation value and payment automation value. Invoice automation eliminates the manual data entry, approval and routing process allowing you to take advantage of early pay discounts. Payment automation allows you to outsource check and electronic payment processing and enables you to take advantages of rebates from electronic payments.

The value of AP automation goes far beyond the cost savings. By saying goodbye to manual processes, your team will have greater control and visibility over cash flow, a guaranteed fraud protection plan in place and can now focus on more strategic initiatives, such as creating a Vendor Management Program.

To explore more of the benefits that go beyond the traditional ROI, download our whitepaper, Why You Need To Consider Automating Accounts Payable. and schedule a 10 minute demo to see how MineralTree can impact your business.

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