BI360 for Dynamics GP, An Alternative Option for Management Reporter

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You’re probably aware that FRx has been officially retired and Management Reporter has taken its place as the primary reporting option for Microsoft Dynamics GP. However, as users transition to Management Reporter some are disappointed with the lack of features and functionality that was supposed to separate it from FRx. And Management Reporter, once believed to be built into a true Corporate Performance Management Software, still only reports at the General Ledger level. In addition, there are no live web reporting options viewable from outside the office.


It may seem logical to transition to Management Reporter considering the functionality is very similar to FRx and the cost is already included in your Dynamics GP license. However, there are other software options, which offer a better reporting tool that goes beyond just General Ledger reporting. If you are considering an alternative to Management Reporter, we recommend you check out BI360 from Solver. Here’s why:


  • BI360 has an easy-to-use report writer with an Excel user-interface. Reports originate in an Excel document that allows users to drag and drop fields onto an Excel Worksheet, and uses the same functionality within Excel, including functions and formatting.
  • BI360 goes beyond just General Ledger reporting. With BI360, you can report on all modules within Dynamics GP.
  • BI360 offers full budgeting functionality, including budgeting at the module level, all while starting with just an Excel report. Department managers can access their respective department data, enter and save their budgets to the DataWarehouse with the click of a button. No more emailing budgets back and forth to department managers.
  • With BI360, integrations can be done with systems outside of Dynamics GP and stored in one central location, the DataWarehouse. You can configure these integrations to pull data periodically from the source system and make it available in the report writer.
  • BI360 offers dashboards, web reporting and web budgeting. Consume KPI’s reports as well as enter budgets directly from Online. All you need is an internet connection.


Learn more about the benefits of BI360 by contacting a partner like The Resource Group or visit our events page for an upcoming webinar.


By Cory Hastings, The Resource Group

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