SalesPad – A Must Have for Distributors Using Microsoft Dynamics GP

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As a reseller of Microsoft Dynamics® GP, The Resource Group has several clients who are distributors. A product we highly recommend to our distribution customers using Dynamics GP is SalesPad GP.

SalesPad GP seamlessly integrates with Dynamics GP data to deliver an all in­ one order entry, inventory, purchasing, and sales management solution. It simplifies entry of all purchasing and sales documents. And because users can operate exclusively in SalesPad GP, it adds an additional level of security between them and core financials.

SalesPad for Microsoft Dynamics GP

SalesPad GP provides an enhanced user experience so your team can process orders faster and more accurately. This enhanced user experience enables your team to provide a better customer experience.


In addition, it's easy to customize the way you view sales orders in SalesPad GP. You can also add custom defined fields, which helps you to really tailor the platform to fit your business needs.


SalesPad GP is a great tool for customers who have promos and complex pricing models. Instead of having all those extra spreadsheets on the side, having to go into in-depth training for your users, inaccuracies on your sales orders because of those special pricing promos, everything is automatic. So your invoices come out quickly and accurately.  Finally, SalesPad integrates well with Dynamics GP. Because it writes to all the GP tables, the integration is real time. You never have a synchronization issue and your information is immediate. Plus, you get to use all of the core functionality that Dynamics GP offers with SalesPad GP.


If you're interested in finding out more about SalesPad GP, you can contact us, or you can visit and take a look at their full suite of distribution products for Dynamics GP.


By Marty Schillaci, The Resource Group

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