When to Use Dexterity and When to Use Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-ins

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Using Microsoft Dynamics GP as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, it is likely that one might find some part of the core product does not fully match an organization's needs. Maybe a lot of data needs to be imported from another product on a regular basis. Perhaps one of the windows isn't well suited to the AP processes that you use. Customizations should be considered, but which option would work best?


If manually entering large numbers of records into Microsoft Dynamics GP on a regular basis from another data source is a problem, using a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-in might be a good fit. Add-ins are developed within the .NET Framework and can use technologies like eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP to enable features, such as importing large amounts of transactions into Microsoft Dynamics GP by pasting data into a window or having Microsoft Dynamics GP consume the contents of an Excel spreadsheet. Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-ins can create windows that appear within Microsoft Dynamics GP and look consistent with the rest of the product.


If changes are needed to an existing window within Microsoft Dynamics GP, then Dexterity customizations are the ideal route to pursue. Dexterity is the internal development toolkit that is used to develop Microsoft Dynamics GP, and a developer working with it can customize any window within Microsoft Dynamics GP. It allows for anything from adding fields, simplifying windows, automating data entry on windows where defaults do not exist, improving reporting options, and many more scenarios. Additionally, any work that is done with Dexterity will also carry forward to the Microsoft Dynamics GP web client easily.


When making decisions about which customizations are right for an ERP solution, it's important to pick the right tool for the job. With the right customizations, data entry can be minimized and optimized so that accounting staff can complete their work more efficiently and effectively. Using the right mix of Dexterity customizations and VS Add-ins can be transformative and set up staff for success.


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1 thought on “When to Use Dexterity and When to Use Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-ins”

  1. I'm looking for a product to replace an existing 'old' program we currently use. It's for an 'in-house' loyalty program. We are a restaurant chain. We currently use squirrel systems, but are making the transfer over to Micros POS systems. My program written for squirrel is no longer supported, it's very old. I need a system that can be used at the store level: when a customer places a catering order (we only track large catering orders) they have an assigned club # and the transactions through out the day are uploaded at midnight. I am the administrator and can add, delete etc. At the store level they can only enter the sell or deduct points if a club member wishes to place an order and use their accumulated points. I need to find something on the market that can replace my existing dinosaur. Do you have any recommendations?? the first store will be live with Micros in 2 weeks.

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