Top Four Issues When Purchasing a New ERP System

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The time has come, you have finally decided to purchase your first ERP system, or replace the aging one you are currently using. Companies don't replace ERP systems every day, so you want to make sure you're making the right decisions when you make this switch.  Here are the top four things to consider when purchasing a new ERP system.

Fit Your Business Needs, Not Others'

Remember that when you choose a new ERP system it isn’t about just having the “right” software, it’s about your business and your business needs. Too many companies base their ERP decisions on word of mouth or because a few people in the office have used it before. Companies have to be careful to find a system that matches exactly to their business needs. Before searching for a new ERP system make sure to set your key requirements and search for a system that meets these requirements adequately.

Executive Approval

Your ERP search won’t go far without sponsorship from executives in your company. You are in charge of discovering what is important to them and delivering this information. Otherwise, executives that are far removed from the day-to-day needs of the business will continue to revert to what was used in the past.

Getting Users to Follow Suit

You have executive sponsorship, now it is time to get your users on board. Although most will agree that you need a new system, the process of re-learning new tasks and processes can be scary. Discover what issues are occurring in each user’s functional area and try to address those needs. This will go a long way for creating user buy-in.

Finding the Right Partner

You have found an ERP system to fit your business needs and have gotten the approval of executives and users, but now you must decide who will be your partner in implementation. Even a great ERP system can have a bad result if implemented by the wrong partner. Let your users and executives meet the people who will be responsible for your project, and ensure that it is a great fit!

Hopefully if you are considering the purchase of a new ERP system you will find this information helpful.  If you want to talk further please feel free to contact Logan Consulting.

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