Surprise! Custom Development for Dynamics GP Really Can Save Time and Money

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As a Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM partner in Michigan, The TM Group invests considerable resources into finding new and meaningful ways to save money for our clients.  Here are some real examples of cost-saving, innovative ideas from our custom development team that helps our clients get more out of Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Real-time Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Web Services

Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP is a collection of business objects that enables real-time integrations from external data sources such as Web storefronts, point-of-sale, or legacy applications with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

With Web Services, we can create real-time integrations (transaction level and batch) to read, write, update, and delete data in a Microsoft Dynamics GP application. You can be sure the data integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP is accurate because the business logic stored in the underlying data connection layer of eConnect checks data against business rules before the data flows into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

In one client instance, we worked closely with a team of client developers to create and update, customers, sales orders, receive payments against orders, and invoice orders once payments were received in full. The solution utilized GP Web Services for a bidirectional real-time interface between the clients internally developed Practice Management System and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Using Visual Studio Tools to Streamline Item Maintenance in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10

In another case, the customer desired a means of streamlining their item maintenance process. The customer wanted to open the Item maintenance card, set default values, and then easily edit the Item, Item Vendor, Quantities/Sites and Item Planning cards without having to return to the GP menus to access the other windows. The defaults would automatically flow to each Item related window.

The system would essentially collapse four Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 cards within a custom interface into a single form that would appear when the user selected the Item Maintenance card. This system also requires the implementation of the dotNet FormFactory as well as a custom add-in component.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 provides many development tools for customizing the look/feel and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP 10; these enhancements include adding additional interface controls and functionality to each Dexterity Task Form. Additionally more functionality can be added to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 with the implementation of custom add-in modules. With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 Service Pack 1, a new option for advanced form modification has been implemented, the dotNet FormFactory.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 10, the Dexterity Task Forms, GP’s core display element, are displayed on a dotNET form. The dotNet FormFactory allows a dotNet developer to replace the dotNET form that the Dexterity Task Form resides on. The form can be augmented with additional text, data elements, status reports, or other Dexterity Task Forms. The additional functions wrap “around” the existing GP dexterity task form, allowing the modifications made within GP to be accessible to the new wrapped forms.

By The TM Group, Michigan Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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