Is Moving to the Cloud Giving you Y2K Anxiety Flashbacks?

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If you’ve been faced with the decision to buy new servers or move to the cloud, you’re not alone. More and more businesses are forgoing the expense and hassle of purchasing and maintaining their own server and are choosing to have their data hosted on a secure, managed network. If the idea of moving your sensitive information to the cloud brings on Y2K anxiety flashbacks, fear no more.

  1. A quarter of a million customers are now using Microsoft Azure and 1,000 new customers join daily. According to Microsoft, half of Fortune 500 companies are customers on the Azure cloud.

While Microsoft’s cloud is growing rapidly, it’s still second in line behind an even bigger Amazon hosting platform. And guess what? These millions of businesses and people who have saved their data in the cloud are seeing what the tech giants have promised. Safe, secure, reliable data storage that can be accessed anywhere.

  1. The cost of installing a new server can easily be in the thousands. Dropping that kind of cash at one time can be prohibitive to many businesses. Adding on the cost of maintaining and updating the server adds to the burden. Companies that move to the cloud are able to save thousands on hardware purchases and reduce their IT budgets significantly.

Along with price reduction, the cloud brings enhanced security and guaranteed backups. If you’ve ever needed to restore your system only to find it has been years since your data has been backed up, this security is priceless.

  1. Work from home, work from the road, work from the top of Mt. Rushmore, it doesn’t matter. With the cloud, you have access to your information anywhere you have an internet connection.

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