Deployment Options: On-Premise, Cloud or Hosted

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Determining the best deployment option for their business software has given companies even more decisions to make during the software evaluation process.  What is the best option for your company?  Work with a provider that understands your unique business challenges, including budgets and internal resources, to assist you in making the best decision for your particular set of needs and circumstances.

At a high level, here is some information to hopefully help the typical end-user in what all the hype is about.


Your Dynamics GP reseller or IT company should evaluate your current IT infrastructure to determine if it is suitable for the Dynamics GP and associated products deployment. Network speed and health are critical to end-user adoption of a new system.  If it is slow, then the software is blamed.  CIS can recommend upgrades if needed to ensure a secure and fast software experience. 

  • Do you have an investment already in server and network environment?
  • Do you have regulatory requirements that require your data to be onsite?
  • If you have poor Internet or problems with Internet, the on-premise might be your best option.  However, this can sometimes be corrected with the right vendor.

Cloud (SaaS)

Cloud ERP deployments can be a good option if the long term costs are not a lot higher than buying the software out right.  Keep in mind that with the Cloud you are renting the software and do not own it.  Things we help you consider are:

  • Do you have a redundant Internet source? If your Internet is down, then processing on the Cloud application will stop.
  • Over a 3 year period will you be paying more for this rental than deploying on-premise or hosted?  Keep in mind though network servers are usually obsolete after 3 - 4 years.
  • Would you benefit from an on-premise server to install other programs for your business? 
  • As always, check with your auditors about off site data.  Some regulatory agencies do not allow for data to be off-site regardless of the security that is in place. 
  • Some Cloud providers state that you can get updates to your software at anytime, including upgrades.  This would concern me if I were a business owner.  I would not want a provider to update my software anytime that there is an update.  Your system should never be ‘upgraded’ without a test system setup first and that you the end-user has thoroughly tested your business processing and data.  I may change my mind in the future, but for now that is my recommendation.

These are just a few of considerations.  To find out more, please read this whitepaper that CIS and the ERP Software Blog published: 35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software In the Cloud.


Hosted deployments give you the best of both worlds; you own the software, but with less of a hardware investment. 

Cloud and hosted options both require a very good Internet source.  Software is usually ran through a Terminal Server and accessed through Remote Desktop.  This can reduce your workstation costs since the software is not actually running on the desktop.  However, you can also have an on-premise deployment with a Terminal Server. 

Hosting providers such as CIS ensure your data is secure and is available from more than one hosting facility in the event of a disaster.  Redundant backups make sure you are not at risk for data loss. 

Keep in mind that most ERP vendors say that they are in the cloud but in reality the software is still accessed through a terminal server since most are not truly web enabled yet…

CIS also wrote a very good article that you might find helpful: The Difference Between Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Dynamics GP Quick Quote Tool

The Microsoft Dynamics Quick Quote Tool is intended to give accounting software buyers in the beginning stages of research a quick and easy way to estimate the costs of ERP software, including the hosted option to determine if it makes sense to continue the evaluation process. To receive a complete and accurate price for the total cost of an ERP project we recommend that you work with an ERP software expert such as CIS.

By Nancy Phillippi with Custom Information Services (CIS), Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner based out of North Texas.  Your feedback and comments are welcome.  Contact Nancy at or by phone at 817-640-0016 x 109.

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