If Your Commute Is Killing You, Hosted Dynamics Can Help

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With more than 100 million people in America who commute every day to work, it’s becoming pertinent to incorporate a hosted work-at-home option to enhance personal well-being. Average happiness levels begin to fall and anxiety begins to rise after the first 15 minutes of travel time, suggesting that daily emotions are particularly affected by commuting. That’s where Dynamics hosting comes in. With the ability to take your GP software with you wherever you go, you can positively impact the happiness levels of your employees and cut in-house server and maintenance costs by choosing to host your GP in a secure cloud environment.

At a number of companies we’ve encountered this year, it’s already happening. We call it the end of the office building—a time in which companies are choosing to toss servers and instead opt for business applications that they can get via nothing more than an internet connection. It means businesses can cut the cost of hardware and maintenance and put an end to awful commutes by offering online everything their employees need to get work done. Better yet: when done right, it’s even secure.

But before you jump your Dynamics GP, CRM, or other business tools to a hosted environment, it’s a good idea to do a bit of analysis on your business needs. Start with these steps:

  • Analyze the needs of each department – Different departments have different needs, and how to make those needs available from a remote location (like an employee’s home) will differ. You may want to explore a Microsoft Dynamics hosting provider for your Dynamics GP and CRM used by your Accounting, Sales and Marketing Departments. But your website and collaborative tools might be better accessed on a public cloud. Keep in mind some of what your company uses may exist only in an internet-delivered platform.


  • Determine how employees will access the office – How employees will access their applications is the next big hurdle. Will you provide them with corporate-owned laptops and tablets? Or expect them to use home computers? What about phones—will you give them a phone to use or rely on cellphones? Keep in mind if you provide corporate-owned machines, you will incur a cost for purchase. If you allow them to use home machines, you could be dealing with unreliable equipment and the risk of losing corporate information if that employee leaves the company.


  • Secure your devices – All the information your employees are able to access outside of work needs to be properly secured from the risk of lost equipment, terminated employees, theft and data corruption. Whether you choose corporate-owned equipment or personal device use, mobile device management tools can help you secure and manage corporate information residing outside of the office walls.


Luckily, Myappsanywhere is transforming the Microsoft Dynamics experience with our private SSAE 16 Data Center allowing applications like GP and CRM to be stored in a secure cloud environment.

Want to learn more about how to get your applications hosted? Contact us here.

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