Dynamics GP – Just Added, More TWEAKS!!!

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One of the benefits of purchasing a WilloWare product such as the GP PowerPack TWEAKS or MFG PowerPack TWEAKS is that as we add more tweaks to the product, you get them for free.  That’s right – free!!  And we’re frequently adding more tweaks into each PowerPack.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a tweak is, our TWEAKS products contain small changes to different parts of GP, which are designed to improve user efficiency.  The GP PowerPack TWEAKS includes over 70 tweaks for almost every GP module including SOP, POP, GL, AR, AP, Inv, Admin and Payroll.  Our MFG PowerPack TWEAKS product houses 7 invaluable tweaks designed specifically for the Manufacturing Module.  Clicking on GP PowerPack TWEAKS or MFG PowerPack TWEAKS will bring you to a full listing of what each product has to offer.

Now, back to how we provide existing owners of our TWEAKS products with the latest and greatest TWEAKS for free.  For example, this month’s new releases include the following:


  • GL Account Copy/Paste: adds the ability to copy a GL account from one distribution line and paste it into another line.  This is handy when distributing an expense to multiple cost centers—simply lookup the first cost center, then copy-paste it to additional lines and just change the required segment.  This works in GL, SOP, RM, PM and POP.


  • POP-Calculate Release Date: while POP can be set up to auto-calculate the Release Date from the Required Date when a PO Line is first entered, it does not re-calculate the Release Date when the Required Date is changed.  This Tweak ensures the date always recalculates.



  • Posting Journal Settings: which can prevent printing the posting journals when posting an MO Receipt, has been extended to the MO Close and Manufacturing Component Transaction posting processes. Posting Journal settings can be set separately for each window. 


If you already own one of our TWEAKS products, you only need to download the latest build of either GP PowerPack or MFG PowerPack from our website.  If you’d like to purchase or see a demo of either product, please contact us at Sales@WilloWare.com

by WillowWare

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