Dynamics GP - Introducing Manufacturing Tweaks!

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So what exactly is a Manufacturing Tweak?  A Manufacturing Tweak is a small change to a part of the Manufacturing Module designed to improve user efficiency.   For instance, I love how Dynamics GP allows a user to enter an Item into the Item Maintenance window and then use the Go To to navigate to additional windows.  The user can go back to the Item Maintenance window repeatedly and the Item Number entered remains.

In the Manufacturing Module, the same concept does not hold true.  If the user enters a Manufacturing Order number into the MO Entry window and utilizes the Go To button, the MO Number is lost.  The user must enter it again each time they return to the MO Entry window.

WilloWare’s newest product Manufacturing Tweaks solves these types of small grumblings that users may have about the Manufacturing Module.  The Manufacturing Tweaks package includes:

  • Remember MO:  Quite possibly my favorite WilloWare Tweak ever developed, Remember MO remembers the last used MO Number on MO Entry so you can use the GoTo to access multiple windows without having to re-enter the MO Number.
  • Prevent MO Delete:  Ensure a contiguous sequence of MO Numbers by preventing users from deleting MOs.
  • MRP Query Default:  Create an MRP Quantities Query to store values such as the MRP Quantity (i.e. ATP Total), a Site restriction and a Planner ID, and have that Query pull-up automatically when the MRP Quantities Query window opens.
  • Default Primary Routing:  After entering the Item Number in the Routing Sequence Entry window the Primary Routing will display automatically.
  • Auto-Create Routing Header:  After entering the Item Number in the Routing Sequence Entry window, the system will auto-create a Primary Routing Header if one does not exist.


Manufacturing Tweaks shares the same philosophy of all of WilloWare’s products – Make It Simple & Make It Work.  And these five Manufacturing Tweaks are just the beginning.  We have many more planned that we will be adding to the Manufacturing Tweaks collection over the coming months.  If you would like to learn more about WilloWare’s Manufacturing Tweaks or any of our other time-saving products, please visit our webpage www.WilloWare.com or send an email to sales@WilloWare.com.

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