Implementing Dynamics GP – An Exciting Alternative to the Manufacturing Module!

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LeanMFG is a complete manufacturing suite for Dynamics GP that focuses on supporting core manufacturing processes.  It provides a Bill of Materials, Routing (optional), and Manufacturing Order Entry system, and does not require Dynamics GP Manufacturing.

And here’s the exciting part!  Lean MFG can be used not only for Discrete Manufacturing, but also for:

  • Batch/Formula Processing
  • Multi-Product Processing (one MO with multiple outputs)
  • Disassembly
  • Manufacturing with or without a Bill of Materials

Batch/Formula Processing allows specifying a finished good quantity (such as 300 gallons), and basing the component quantities relative to the batch quantity of 300 gallons. Such a recipe will often not work well with a Discrete-type Bill of Materials where the components must be specified in relation to a single unit of output. For example, the recipe might be for making a 300 gallon batch of “nutrition bar mix”, which produces several hundred or thousand bars. If the ingredients had to be specified on a per-bar basis the quantities would be too small to record accurately.

Multi-Product allows specifying multiple inputs and multiple outputs. This is often used in a process that has as its starting input a natural material, such as cow hide. Since natural materials are rarely a consistent size/weight/dimension/etc., the quantity or type of products that can be produced will vary based on the starting material.

Disassembly bills consume the top-level item (remove it from inventory) and produce into inventory the list of components.

The LeanMFG Module comes with a long list of benefits including:

  • Ability to automatically print BOM or Routing attachments when the MO is printed
  • A true Approved Vendors feature, which controls whether or not an Item can be purchased, and from which Vendor(s)
  • An easy to use Serial/Lot Linking functionality
  • A Where Used Inquiry window
  • Smartlist objects for:
    • Approved Vendors
    • BOM Items and Headers
    • Historical and Open MO’s
    • Routings
    • Serial/Lot Links
    • Item Engineering Data and MORE!!

Perhaps the most exciting part of this product is the price – just $3,000.00.

If you’d like to learn more about this impressive WilloWare module or many other Microsoft Dynamics GP enhancements, visit or send an email to


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