Top 3 reasons WithoutWire™ (WoW) is Not Your Daddy’s Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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WithoutWire™ WoW Warehouse Management System is not like those implemented in the 20th century … dramatic changes are evident even compared to 2 years ago.  Appolis – The Art of Inventory brings you the top three reasons why!


1.  Device Revolution:  Ruggedized handheld scanners, smartphones, tablets with integrated cameras and scanners translate to tracking inventory anytime, anywhere.  These device options give organizations the ability to track inventory distributed across the globe in remote locations at much more affordable costs.  It is now becoming feasible to have devices outside of corporate networks connecting using low cost barcode scanning devices that communicates with the same backend system that internal warehouse operators have relied on for years.  These devices also enable consigned or customer owned inventory to be tracked and managed. 


If you can track and manage it, you can invoice it.  This translates to better use of your cash and other resources!  Do you need an Apple iOS or Windows tablet application on Windows 8 to integrate to your Microsoft based platform?  … no problem!  Recently Appolis WithoutWire™ WoW Warehouse developed a Remote Inventory application using Apple iTouch w/ LineaPro™ scanners to enable Remote site Receiving, Replenishment, and Consumption (think Picking) of lot tracked inventory all with real-time invoicing capabilities.  Brand new technology leveraged to empower and differentiate Appolis Clients! 

2.  Improved Lot/Expiration/Sell-By-Date Algorithms: Real-time FIFO, FEFO, sell-by-date lot tracking enables instant recall capabilities while minimizing perishable inventory.  Using Sell-by-date lot tracking allows you to factor in variables such as transportation time to optimize the use of your perishable inventory and associated distribution costs.  Tracing a raw material through your supply chain is now as simple as accessing reports … by item, by lot, by finished goods produced.  This transforms the old “shotgun” recall to now enable a “rifle shot” approach to an efficient recall of only the suspect items or lots.


3.  Windows Azure (Cloud): Microsoft depth in technology, if leveraged, leads you to tighter integration of disparate technologies.  Microsoft Azure has come a long way in feature set for managing large volumes of cloud based clients.  If you want to understand why the cloud is a fast growing choice by organizations, check out Microsoft’s “Cloud Basics”.  ERP – CRM – WMS – SSRS intertwined in hybrid solutions between on-premise, co-located, and cloud based software solutions can give you the right inventory in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity, and the right form at the right price!  And real time data to back it up so that you can make the right business decisions!

Nobody spends more time leveraging Microsoft’s technology for “best of breed” WMS than Appolis WithoutWire™ WoW.  Dynamics Integration using Web Services and Dynamics Connector, SQL Server and SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), Azure, Windows 8, Metro Style Apps, and C# .NET all assure you that our homogeneous platform will allow you to migrate and scale to meet today and future business needs and processes.  Ask the Appolis experts, we are excited to take on your unique inventory automation and traceability challenges!

By Steve Dwyer, Appolis. Vice President Sales and Marketing,

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