Is It Time for a New ERP Software Implementation?

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When is it Time to Replace Your ERP System?

Is your business using outdated ERP software to run your business?  Are you thinking about a new ERP software implementation? Your old Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system may be jeopardizing your business and causing you to lose your competitive edge. If you are considering purchasing a new business solution, the good news is that today's cloud ERP solutions are ideal for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) for several reasons. Modern cloud ERP options such as Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Supply Chain are popular options.  Depending on which one fits your business, these options offer robust functionality that's affordable and scalable to meet your future needs. A new ERP implementation is a major business decision and a major commitment of time and resources. Thankfully, there are resources available to help ensure your success. One resource to help you, download this whitepaper below to find out if it's the right time to change.

Check out this informative whitepaper to help you decide if it's time to change.

When is it time to replace your erp system

In this whitepaper, we will cover how to know if your current system is outdated and should be replaced with a modern ERP. We also review the benefits of a properly selected and implemented ERP system. In addition, we provide some tips on how to ensure a successful ERP implementation.

So You've Decided It's Time to Change Your Outdated ERP System - Now What?

Once you’ve read the whitepaper and decided it's the right time to make a change, we recommend the following actions to get started to ensure a successful changeover.

  • Start by gathering a team of your best people to identify what you need and research information about ERP solutions and providers.
  • Work with your team to identify problems you want to solve and the benefits you plan to receive.
  • Determine the correct time to make the switch. Unfortunately, too many projects fail or fall short of their goals because the organization was not ready for the work required to implement a new system.
  • Get agreement across all affected areas of the company on the project goals and benefits
  • Establish an accurate budget - you may need to enlist an ERP consultant to help
  • Complete a cost justification analysis (return on investment or ROI study)
  • Identify the executive sponsor and assemble the project team
  • Make a “short list” of potential ERP system suppliers and ERP software implementation partners

The Key to Success is Finding the Right ERP Software Implementation Partner

When selecting the right ERP consulting and ERP implementation firm, make sure they have the experience, implementation methodology, product knowledge and they understand your business and industry.  An expert ERP consulting firm like our Clients First team will have the experience to help you with some of the above including costs and benefits, and implementation requirements. Your chances for success will be good if you find knowledgeable professionals. Find someone who knows your industry and can tell you about companies similar to yours and what they have accomplished by making the change. For example, we support solutions that are modern ERP solutions, such as Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Supply Chain. We have extensive industry experience in several industries. We specialize in; Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Aviation MRO, Industrial Repairs MRO, Field Service, Project Accounting, Specialty Construction, and Integration to Parts Catalogs. We also develop custom and vertical solutions like ProMRO for MRO companies and Catalog ProPACK for companies that depend on vendors for their inventory and pricing.

BONUS TIP: Beware of  Cloud Washed Legacy ERP vs True Cloud ERP 

Make sure you find a web-based and true cloud ERP solution like Acumatica or Microsoft Dynamics Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Supply Chain. Many legacy ERP solutions have been retrofitted to run on a web browser. These cloud-washed products still need software to be installed in-house with longer installation times, data issues, the need for costly upgrades and remote access and integration issues.

Why Growing Businesses Work with Clients First

At Clients First Business Solutions, we have Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Dynamics Finance and Supply Chain experts ready to help guide you on your digital transformation journey and ensure your interconnectivity supports your company’s growth. There's nothing better than a live presentation so please reach out to us to schedule a demonstration for your business.  Please call us at 800.331.8382 or send us an email at today. 

We’re a Microsoft Gold ERP Partner, a Certified Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and an Acumatica Gold Partner.

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