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Providing superior customer service is a priority for every company. It is essential to creating loyal customers and generating new business. But keeping customers happy is easier said than done.

Two main roadblocks to providing quality customer service are:

  • Inaccurate information- A service technician is ill-prepared, leading to delayed jobs and additional visits
  • Hard-to-navigate service channels- Customers become frustrated with the time-consuming process of getting the service they need

Why should you care? Companies that don't fix these customer service issues will lose business. It is that simple.

The Benefits of a Mobile Field Service Solution

A mobile field service solution tackles customer service challenges by allowing organizations to:

  1. Improve planning
  2. Enhance communications
  3. Use self-service tools

Improved Planning

Without proper planning, a customer's experience is doomed to be a negative one. A mobile field service solution streamlines planning by:

  • Giving dispatchers a complete overview of where their field resources are located.
  • Enabling organizations to dispatch the right technician with the right abilities and equipment.
  • Allowing dispatchers to check the status of scheduled work orders.
  • Providing a user-friendly interface to easily schedule work and give customers real-time feedback.

By accelerating the service job process, productivity skyrockets. Simply put, improved planning paves the road to better customer service.

Enhanced Communication

Integrating front office and back office systems is critical for customer service organizations. A mobile field service solution enables all employees and customers to easily access information, keeping everyone on the same page.

Customers can contact the front office directly to schedule visits, or technicians can schedule follow-up visits on the spot. By eliminating cumbersome service channels, customer satisfaction is greatly increased.

Enhanced communication boosts productivity time and enables services to operate more efficiently, ultimately improving customer service.

Self-Service Tools

No customer likes going through red tape to get the information they need. Mobile field solutions empower customers through self-service portals that allow them to:

  • Make appointments
  • Check job statuses
  • View past invoices
  • Pay invoices online
  • Access service orders and reports
  • Communicate directly with the service organization

Self-service tools improve customer service by reducing unneeded drag and enhancing a company's efficiency. You are sure to keep your customers satisfied when you give them access to what they need when they need it.

It Really Works

Are you curious to know if a mobile field service actually improves customer satisfaction in the real world? Notice this real-life experience of how one business turned their poor customer service around.

One small-sized water filtration company in Canada realized that their customers were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their customer service. There were two main issues they were dealing with:

  1. Customers were receiving invoices months after the service had been completed. At this point, the customer had forgotten what the invoice was for since so much time had passed. Frustrated, they would have to call the customer service department to complain and be reminded of the service that was done.
  2. Customers were forced to deal with the filtration company's outdated technology. A technician would write a full report after a service call. However, the customers would be unable to read the technician's handwriting. This made the information basically useless.

How a Mobile Field Service Solution Helped

After the filtration company implemented a mobile field service solution, they were able to significantly improve their customer service. Here's how:

  1. Invoices are now sent much faster and include pictures and reports so customers know exactly what service the invoice is for.
  2. All forms and reports are now made electronically. Customers no longer have to interpret a technician's handwriting, and by means of the online portal, they can access all their information 24/7- no need to call the customer service rep.
  3. The company can receive real-time feedback from customers through the online portal. Any questions or concerns can be addressed there, and customers can request another service call on the portal as well.
  4. Information shared from the filtration company is now much more accurate. For example:
    • Dispatchers can tell customers exactly when the technician will arrive.
    • Technicians have all the information they need, meaning first-time fixed rates are improved, and the service visit is shortened.
    • If there is any information the customer wants to give the technician, they can easily communicate with them via the messenger tool on the service portal.

When we look at the quality of customer service that was offered before and after this company implemented a mobile field service solution, it's easy to see how customer satisfaction dramatically improved. Using a multi-field service solution provides a seamless customer journey.

Don't Delay, Improve Your Customer Service Today

Typically, without using a mobile service solution, customers have to go through several seemingly disconnected steps. This leaves them open to misinformation and frustrations.

With a mobile field service solution, organizations tackle roadblocks to quality customer service with improved planning, enhanced communications, and the use of self-service tools. Better service equals greater satisfaction which means you will create loyal customers and generate new business.

Microsoft ERP systems are powerful, and when combined with the mobile field service solution from ExpandIT, service organizations can optimize business operations while improving customer service.

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