10 Reasons to Implement Dynamics 365 Commerce Now

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It's becoming more and more evident that now is the time for businesses to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce software. The retail business scene has been changing, but never more so than with COVID-19 restrictions and adjustments. Many retailers are finding that eCommerce is the only way to stay in business and continue to serve their customers

Changes in the Retail and eCommerce Industry

COVID is not the only factor in the ever-changing world of business. Other trends and innovations also present new challenges. Increasingly, retailers are choosing end-to-end omnichannel solutions to meet those challenges, which include:

  • Tech-savvy customers have forced retailers to re-examine their business approach and take advantage of online markets
  • Increased demand calls for inventory accuracy and optimization
  • To meet customer expectations, employees must have access to the right information right when it is needed
  • Access to product reviews has increased customers' expectations surrounding online purchasing
  • As a younger, more technical workforce emerges, retailers must provide the tools they need to do their jobs
  • Retailers and buyers alike are looking for that "perfect" omnichannel experience
  • Data security is mandatory in the eCommerce industry

Because no two businesses are the same, no two eCommerce solutions will be the same. There is no out-of-the-box solution that will be perfect for every organization. Microsoft is addressing retail-specific challenges with its customizable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. Dynamic 365 Commerce is designed to connect digital, online, in-store, and back-office operations with an omnichannel Microsoft eCommerce solution.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Not all eCommerce platforms are the equal. Here are 10 reasons you should choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce for your retail and eCommerce needs:

  • Omnichannel – Microsoft is dedicated to innovation. You can be sure your solution will continue to keep pace without becoming outdated. An example is that Dynamics 365 Retail is now Dynamics 365 Commerce.  The update offers a more comprehensive omnichannel synergy across all existing and emerging channels and provides more satisfying customer interaction. With the name change and increased omnichannel capabilities, Dynamics 365 Commerce brings eCommerce proficiency to the Dynamics 365 family.
  • Flexibility – Dynamics 365 Commerce is very flexible. You can deploy it in the Cloud or on-premises. Microsoft's sealed deployment model ensures that you can easily add customizations or extensions without impacting the core product. You can also add functions throughout your network with just a click. This feature allows you to customize your eCommerce solutions for your specific needs.
  • Efficiency – Dynamics 365 Commerce is easy to implement. It can be deployed almost immediately in the Cloud,  and there are templates for setting set up your company's essential data and processes. Upgrading the solution is easy and can be done simultaneously across all seats, ensuring that all employees can continue to work efficiently with the most up-to-date functionality. Your solution can easily scale as your business grows.
  • Value – A cloud solution offers faster implementation and a low start-up investment for better ROI. Easy upgrades also allow you to have the latest features, adding even more value over time. Retailers can own the best at the best price. Microsoft's competitor Magento is expensive, and despite it having a lot of advanced functionalities, can be challenging to operate without a developer. Shopify, another eCommerce solution, is less costly, but it does not offer as much functionality as Dynamics 365 Commerce.
  • Intelligence – Dynamics 365 Commerce also has top-of-the-line data visualization and artificial intelligence tools to help you make timely, informed decisions.  Advanced analytical tools help deliver data-driven forecasts and give optimized personal insights. Understand your customers' preferences and tailor your offerings to suit your market. Microsoft's analytical capabilities are the best available among eCommerce solutions.
  • Security – Cloud deployment and automatic updating allow Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce to maintain the latest security features. Your corporate data will be well-protected, and you can effectively manage your mobile devices through the Cloud and access your data from anywhere with the latest, best-in-class security. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce has built-in Fraud Protection. Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection allows merchants to check all online transactions, determine a fraud score, and accept or reject the transaction.
  • Integration – Dynamics 365 Commerce integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Dynamics solutions such as Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and popular Microsoft productivity tools such as Office 365, Azure, and Power BI. Other services that can be integrated into Dynamics 365 Commerce include Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft Bing for Commerce, etc. Integrations and Data Sharing across Dynamics 365 Business Applications such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing are supported through the common shared data service. A full-featured content management system also integrates directly into the e-commerce platform. Magento and Shopify offer various integrations, but Magento's integrations are complex and necessitate a developer, and many Shopify plans do not allow for complex functionality. Only Microsoft offers easy integration.
  • Support – With Microsoft's eCommerce Solution, you gain access to Microsoft's network of partners and products for expert advice on how to make the most of your eCommerce solution.
  • Ease of Use – Dynamics 365 Commerce is easy to operate because of its familiar, user-friendly interface. Complex tasks such as inventory forecasting can be done in Excel and automatically synced with Dynamics 365 Commerce through Microsoft's tight integration. Magento is not easy to use, especially its advanced features. Shopify is more manageable but is not useful for complex and advanced tasks.
  • Innovation – All of Microsoft's products are highly innovative, and with Dynamics 365 Commerce, you'll have access to Power BI, Azure, and more. These tools allow you to analyze customer preferences, create personalized service, and offer appropriate products.

Would you like to know more? Contact our eCommerce experts at Korcomptenz, and let's talk about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce can take your business to the next level.

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