Overcome Tax Management Challenges by Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Automation

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Both small and large businesses are pursuing digital transformation (DX) at a faster pace than ever before. Business leaders across the globe were readying their companies for DX even before COVID-19—and the trend has only accelerated since the pandemic’s onset. Many believe DX is the key to recovery, enabling businesses to be more efficient, resource-conscious, and responsive to customers’ needs.

Tax compliance is well suited to benefit from DX through cloud agility, machine learning, and automation. This is especially true now that 45 states are enforcing economic nexus laws that require remote sellers to collect and remit state sales taxes—even without a physical presence.

If you use Dynamics 365 and are wondering if you’re covered with the recent sales tax law changes (or if there’s a more efficient way to manage compliance that frees your finance team to focus on critical issues), this webinar’s for you!

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