Dynamics GP Versions and Integrity Data Product Compatibility

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Dynamics GP users come in all different shapes and sizes…and versions! We wanted to give you some clarification on what’s supported, what’s not, and how Integrity Data’s GP payroll products fit into that.

Although each version has its own history beginning with an RTM (Release to Market) version, the most current versions for each (as of May 2020) is as follows. Note the screenshots indicating Dynamics GP help iconwhere you can go to find out the build information. Click the blue ? icon in the upper right portion of your Dynamics GP toolbar.

Currently supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP include the following versions:

  • GP2015 (mainstream support ended April 14, 2020)
  • GP2016
  • Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP2015 R2 Build 1230Dynamics GP Versions 2015R2

Mainstream support for GP2015 was discontinued on April 14, 2020, which means Microsoft will likely not offer any updates for this coming year-end season. This is extremely important as this is when tax updates are distributed, and may force people to upgrade prior to year-end.

Dynamics GP2016 R2 Build 814

Dynamics GP Versions 2016R2

This version of GP is still supported and should be fine to receive year-end updates for 2020. However, it is also due to end its mainstream support relatively soon (July 13, 2021). After that time, year-end updates and tax updates for the year ending 2021 will not be available. For this reason many people who are opting to upgrade from GP2015 are skipping this version and moving directly to Dynamics GP (2019).

Dynamics GP (2019) Build 1060

Dynamics GP Versions GP (2019)

This version of Dynamics GP was formerly known as GP2018, and was known as such until version 2018 R2. In October of 2019, Microsoft switched to the modern lifecycle for its Dynamics GP line and changed the name to simply Microsoft Dynamics GP. This change was necessary to receive the latest tax updates for 2019 and effectively forced an upgrade of all 2018 R2 users; this essentially eliminated GP2018 RTM thru R2. One can still see in the version number that the first set of digits begin with 18. However, the second set of digits is now a “2” and indicates this is the latest family. The year in parenthesis is related to the modern lifecycle naming convention and refers to the year of release. If no further changes to the name of the product from Dynamics GP are anticipated, then this year will be a noteworthy indicator going forward.

What this means for your Integrity Data Products

All of Integrity Data’s Dynamics GP payroll add-ons are verified to work with the latest builds of all three families of Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • Dynamics GP2015 R2 and up to latest build 1230
  • Dynamics GP2016 R2 and up to latest build 814
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP (2019) and up to latest build 1060
    • If year-end tax updates are not required and your organization is still running GP2018 R2, Integrity Data does have historical version of its product line available for that version upon request.

For more information on Integrity Data’s current product versions, release notes, user guides, and more – visit our Dynamics GP Software Download page.

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