Why Artificial Intelligence is not as dangerous as you think

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We know little about the human brain, so how can we build a computer that works like a brain if we’re not even certain how a brain works? Well, for now we only use artificial intelligence for very specific tasks, and that works perfectly. We may expect a computer to work out a very complex banking issue efficiently, but we don’t ask that same system to also pick our kids up from school and grab a loaf of bread on the way home as well. So, in that regard, we’re still far away from a computer system that behaves like a brain.

But there are several fields where it could be very helpful, like the banking sector that we mentioned before. Take manufacturing, for example. Healthcare, insurance, transportation, and even the government could also benefit from artificial intelligence.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

But what is artificial intelligence, exactly? To put it into context, let’s imagine the banking example again. First, you have an analytics phase, where the system reports the number of banking services a customer uses. Then, you have an advanced analytics phase, where all those customers are clustered based on the patterns of banking and services they use. Machine learning will predict what they are likely to use in the future based on what they’ve used in the past. Eventually, artificial intelligence will then predict what the customer will need in the future based on all the previous stages.

So, as you might have noticed, the AI we use at the moment is mainly focused on one line of business. Cross-references are still a long way away. The only danger AI poses today is to our jobs, specifically how to re-educate people who are out of a job because an AI device took over what they used to do. Curious to know how we can help with your digital transformation? Send us an email at info@highsoftware.com.

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