Free ERP upgrades for customers of Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Free upgrades with Dynamics 365 Business Central: fast, automatic. and convenient

Gone are the days when companies have to endure the pain and high costs of periodic ERP system upgrades. For many companies, this could mean paying consulting costs of as much as 75% of the original implementation costs if they had a heavily customized system. Such upgrades typically happen every three to five years, depending on the preference or requirements of the customer.


Free, automatic, convenient ERP upgrades

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central online ERP systems are automatically updated twice a year by Microsoft without any intervention by users, even if there are customer-specific customizations or third party apps involved. In most cases this will cost the customers absolutely nothing. For more extensive updates, a customer could choose to contract some further training if there were major changes, but otherwise the update won’t cost anything. The highly optimized process runs in a matter of minutes at a convenient time for the customer.

Here’s an example for you. If a business spent $100,000 in services implementing an ERP system and upgraded it every three years, it could easily spend $50,000 for a fairly complex upgrade. And this number does not account for the cost of new servers or the internal costs of training staff. Over 15 years, this would entail a cost of $250,000 just to maintain an existing ERP system.

With Business Central, the customer would not only save the $250,000 in upgrade services but they would probably pay a lot less to implement the system in the first place because of the simplified user interface and implementation process. Statistics gathered from one Business Central reseller show that 15% of new customers did not require assistance at all, while others required only minimal help.

Return on Investment (ROI) is a number that can often be difficult to prove. But with Business Central, these savings are real numbers and are easy to validate. For example, what would be the ROI on an ERP system that cost only $50,000 to install (instead of $100,000) and saves you $250,000 in upgrade services over 15 years? That may be a hard number to calculate, but it’s a great problem to have!


Easy customizations that are specific to your business

How does Microsoft do this? The online version of Business Central runs within a multi-tenant environment where all users share the same source code. This makes it simple for Microsoft to periodically update all systems or rapidly roll out periodic bug fixes or enhancements between the semi-annual updates. To enhance their Business Central system, customers can download certified app’s from Microsoft’s Appsource website and can apply customer-specific customizations. These actions will not interfere with the upgrade process or result in future additional costs.

After Microsoft has updated the core Business Central system, the process checks for current versions of any applied app’s. It then applies these new versions, as well as re-applies the customer’s customizations - all in a matter of minutes, at no cost! Customers who wish to install their Business Central system on an on-premise server can do so and, if they keep their database synchronized with the online version, can update their system whenever it works for them.

Consider implementing Business Central to streamline your business processes and downgrade your stress.


*Malcolm Roach is President and CEO of Open Door Technology, a Microsoft partner based in Calgary, Alberta with offices all over the world. He is a professional accountant with a passion for business analysis and integration. He specializes in applying mid-market ERP software to grow organizations and improve business processes. You can contact Malcolm here.

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