How DynaRent helps equipment rental companies to share fleets easily

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Effective fleet management can be a real challenge for international equipment-driven rental organizations. With locations and depots across countries all over the world and projects running in many different locations, situating your equipment can be quite difficult.

Larger international equipment rental organizations often do not only want to enable global fleet management to increase utilization rates and efficiency, but they would also like to introduce workflow-driven processes to make sure that when a division requests equipment, the correct validations and procedures take place.

The workflow process steps necessary differ based on certain information:

  • Is the request to ensure minimum rental inventory levels or for a specific job?
  • Size of the fleet needed – how many pieces of equipment?
  • What type of equipment – heavy cranes? Scaffolding? Containers?
  • The date on which the equipment needs to be ready – within what time period?
  • The location where the equipment needs to go – across a border? And to a different continent?

Furthermore, larger equipment-driven rental organization rely heavily on advanced fleet management capabilities.

DynaRent offers detailed information on the location, status, and lastly availability of your equipment

All the above results in a specific workflow and internal steps that require action before approval. By having these workflows in place, you can ensure the following:

  • Correct internal procedure is being followed and approval is received;
  • The equipment is shared cross-regionally as efficiently as possible;
  • Correct application of internal costing;
  • Lastly, the transportation processes (internal and external) start.

Enable global fleet management using DynaRent

With DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, you will also have all the tools you need to effectively plan logistics, manage your international fleet, and fulfill your commitments to all depots and businesses. Moreover, via a practical equipment transportation dashboard, you can plan and survey everything you need to know. You’ll be ready to take the next step and make informed decisions to purchase equipment and/or move it from one place to another, and as a result, your modern fleet management will become handier and more profitable due to the increased control and insight.

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