This is fleet management with DynaRent certified for D365

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Fleet management with DynaRent

Effective fleet management can be a real challenge for international equipment-driven rental organizations. With locations and depots across countries all over the world, situating your equipment is quite difficult. And you need to manage everything everywhere continuously, while the clock is ticking. Since time is money, you need to optimize utilization rates to sustain healthy margins. It is essential to have a full overview with detailed information about what equipment is located at what specific location.

What can DynaRent do for your business?

This is where DynaRent comes in, with modern fleet management to make your business more efficient and profitable. The solution offers detailed information on the location, status, and last but not least availability of your equipment. It offers the answers to the following questions:

  • Is the required equipment available and what is its status?
  • What is the utilization rate of the requested equipment?
  • Where is the equipment located and could you use the equipment available at another depot?
  • Do you need to purchase or sell more equipment based on predictions according to historical data?

 Fleet management

Making life easier by meeting future standards

With DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, you will have all the tools you need to effectively plan logistics, manage your international fleet, and fulfil your commitments to all depots and businesses. Moreover, via a practical equipment transportation dashboard, you can plan and survey everything you need to know. You’ll be ready to take the next step and make informed decisions to purchase equipment and/or move it from one place to another and as a result your modern fleet management will become handier and more profitable due to the increased control and insight.

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2 thoughts on “This is fleet management with DynaRent certified for D365”

  1. I love it how everyday with the development in technology everything keeps on getting easier and easier and so is the fleet management. Couple of years ago we couldn't even think about the kind of fleet management softwares we have now.

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