Black box integration (IoT) options in DynaRent for Dynamics 365

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Data, data, data – in the equipment-driven rental and service industry, gathering data is becoming more and more important. However, you always need to keep the purpose of gathering data in mind, as data alone will not help you prepare for the future. Black box integration is becoming increasingly common in the equipment-driven rental and service industry. The capabilities of a black box differ per type of equipment and even per vendor. However, the main purpose of these black boxes is to gather information about running hours, meter registration, and usage.

The running hours and meter registrations are of the utmost importance when determining when maintenance cycles need to be executed.

In the first place, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is an open platform that allows you to easily create integrations of any type using data from your equipment. However, there needs to be a direct link to your equipment as well to make sure that the values that you receive process correctly.

DynaRent provides import APIs to transform meter registrations and update them directly on your equipment within DynaRent.

Once you receive these APIs, DynaRent automatically evaluate delayed and future maintenance to determine what is the next move. Once you maintenance cycle is complete, work orders generate automatically and they propose to the service department for further follow-up.

Black box integration
Image 1: Black box integration. Equipment meter registrations taken directly from the IoT

Each piece of equipment can have one or more meters included on it or its components. By having this in place, it is easy to monitor your equipment and all of the meter values you you require and would like to register, such as running hours, mileage, usage, etc.

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