Enterprise eCommerce vs. ERP driven eCommerce Solutions

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Enterprise eCommerce or ERP driven eCommerce Solutions
How to choose between Enterprise eCommerce or ERP driven eCommerce solutions.

Those responsible for managing eCommerce sites understand the challenges they face. One of the first challenges they face is to decide between Enterprise eCommerce or ERP driven eCommerce solutions.

  1. Enterprise eCommerce solutions are well-known solutions with very large client base and ecosystem like Magento eCommerce (owned by eBay), Shopify and others. These solutions excel in their area of specialization i.e. eCommerce. This is similar to Dynamics GP which excels in its area of specialization which is Enterprise Resource Management.
  2. ERP driven eCommerce solutions are the solutions developed using certain ERP as the backend. Due to its very nature, these solutions are highly integrated with ERP system they are based on. However, due to many reasons like small market size, limitation of ERP data structure and others. Enterprise eCommerce solutions are much bigger and powerful than these solutions because of their bigger market size and ecosystem.


PROS AND CONS OF Enterprise and ERP driven eCommerce solutions

Both kinds of solutions are popular with the different segment of companies.Some companies prefer to go for ERP driven eCommerce solution because they are easy to manage and provide very tight integration with the ERP solution. However, there are instances where competition using the Enterprise eCommerce solution and have access to the latest tools and technology can snatch a big chunk of market share from these organizations.

However, there are instances where competition using the Enterprise eCommerce solution and having access to the latest tools and technology have snatched a big chunk of market share from these organizations.

Enterprise eCommerce solutions are more robust, dynamics and current with the latest technologies. They can close more sales and bring new customers. The big and well-scattered team of developers ensure that extensions are available for almost all the shipping companies and payment gateways in the world.

To understand, let's take the example of ShipWire, a company owned by Ingram Micro that will ship the item to anywhere in the world from their global warehouses. ShipWire has themselves developed an integration with Magento which pick up the data for shipment and update the shipment information including the tracking number. For any other solution, you may have to develop a program yourself if you want to use ShipWire which is one of the hundreds of companies having integration with Enterprise eCommerce solutions.

On the flip side, most companies will require a full-time person to maintain the eCommerce site. There are some connectors available in the market, however, the limitations of such connectors are two fold (1) They only do a 1 to 1 mapping. This means that the information available in both the systems is mapped, and (2) these connectors work behind the scene and does not allow user to manage the mapping themselves,


The THIRD AND ULTIMATE OPTION - X2X eCommerce for Dynamics GP

enterprise ecommerce vs. erp driven ecommerce solutions



X2X brings the third option on the table, mitigating the shortcoming of both the earlier options. X2X used the eCommerce front end of Magento which has an install base of 250,000 and an ecosystem of 150,000 developers and which can bring three times the sales at 50% TCO.


enterprise ecommerce erp ecommerce and x2x ecommerce


Scenario 1:

Enterprise eCommerce solution can only partially integrate with Enterprise ERP solution due to 1 to 1 mapping

Scenario 2:

ERP and Basic eCommerce solution integrate well but the eCommerce solution cannot compete with Enterprise eCommerce solutions

Scenario 3: X2X eCommerce add a module on top of ERP solution to make it compatible with Enterprise eCommerce solution.



  1. X2X allows you the power of Enterprise eCommerce solution fully managed from Dynamics GP ERP
  2. It works from GP and as such there is no learning curve
  3. X2X eCommerce gives you full control to create, edit and delete your mapping
  4. Access to almost all the shipping and payment services worldwide.
  5. Provide 50% lower TCO and 3 times more sales than other eCommerce solutions
  6. Enterprise eCommerce has a client base of 250,000 customers and an ecosystem of 150,000 developers worldwide.

For a demo please visit www.x2x-ecommerce.com, email us at info@x2x-ecommerce.com or call us at 877 927 2927

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