Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and SL Field Service with Smartphones and Tablets

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Field Service can come in many flavors: home installations, oil fields, construction sites and electronics distribution are just a few of the industries looking for better traceability of their inventory in the field. You may have a fleet of trucks and field technicians. You may have Depots, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) or Customer Managed Inventory (CMI).  Perhaps you have inventory in trailers parked in your lot, in trunks or closets or remote sites. You may have a number of long term Projects or Work Orders or Jobs. Regardless of your setup, three (3) things seem to be consistent:

  1. Inventory ties up cash
  2. Installs and repairs for Clients require proper invoicing and
  3. Inventory accuracy through traceability drives better business decisions and profits for your organization.

Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics GP can work with the GP Field Service module, GP Project Accounting, FieldPoint Alert, Wennsoft Field Service, Mastermind, TOA or perhaps 100’s of other tools that can track Jobs, Work Orders and Projects. But what is available for tracking the inventory movements which drive traceability, invoicing and ultimately cash flow? It turns out there is a leading solution in this category from Appolis called WithoutWire™ Warehouse and the WithoutWire™ Field Service application.

From your warehouse to your depot to your field technician trucks you are going to want visibility to your inventory and its current condition (in stock and available, consumed to a particular Job or Work Order, Damaged, Returned and In-Transit). Executives want to know the efficiency within their operations. Operations leaders want to know that they are providing Just-in-time (JIT) inventory for the field engineers or field technicians so that they can be efficient in their trips to customer sites. The warehouse and depot manager wants to know who needs product and when, but they also want to know what is being returned and why it being returned. The field technician wants to know the parts are available or when they will arrive so that they can plan their day in the most efficient manner.

Field Service 1

Apple and Android combine for 92% and 98% market share of smartphone and tablets respectively according to IDC and Gartner Research and most field technicians have one. The barcode scanning capability, battery life, processing speeds and utility of these devices has grown leaps and bounds. Your cost of deployment is now minimal in hardware (there are a number of cool accessories to enhance the ruggedness, waterproofing, mounting, blue tooth hands free scanning) and the user interface of the WithoutWire™ Field Service software application has been designed for ease of use and simplicity. These factors all contribute to an immediate Return on Investment (ROI).

So what seemed impossible to deploy just 3 years ago has transformed into a powerful solution that requires little or no hardware and little or no training.

To find out more about how your Field Service operation can benefit call now at 612-343-0404 x109 or contact Appolis  at

Steve Dwyer

Vice President

Appolis Inc.


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