Do you Have ACA Reporting Under Control or Is It a Complicated Nightmare?

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Affordable Care Act Checklist for 2016The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a challenging regulatory burden for many businesses, big and small. Capturing the monthly data needed for ACA tracking and reporting isn’t easy, especially when using disparate payroll or paper-based systems. In addition, time spent on ACA to do’s can divert your team away from other business-critical tasks. If ACA compliance has become complicated for you, as it has for many other businesses, then deploy a simple, affordable ACA solution.

Save Time and Frustration by Automating ACA Tracking and Reporting

Capturing the data needed for IRS compliance with the ACA and preparing necessary reports is too important to be left to manual processes. Manual processes demand your time and attention, which is needed to manage the other moving parts of your corporation. In addition, manual processes open the door to mistakes, particularly with redundant data entry between paper-based processes, spreadsheets, and other business software systems. Missing the opportunity to offer an employee coverage, or not offering affordable coverage, can lead to expensive fines. ACA coverage penalties are assessed monthly and are not deductible business expenses. These mistakes can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

The ACA Compliance solution by Integrity Data can handle ACA tracking and reporting with greater efficiency and accuracy. This solution offers these powerful features:

  • Continuous monitoring of employee eligibility for coverage, so you never miss the chance to offer coverage when an employee becomes eligible for health insurance
  • Continuous testing for the affordability of coverage according any of the three permitted safe harbor calculations
  • Dashboard that provides real-time data, such as reporting deadlines, action items, and other key information with alerts to notify key personnel when situations require attention or action
  • Automatically populate, print, and email IRS form 1095-C
  • Automatically populate, print and electronically file IRS Forms 1094-C

Many businesses are struggling to understand the intricacies of the ACA legislation and to put the right procedures in place to remain compliant. This is not a process that can be managed efficiently with manual processes. Put the right technology in place and be confident with ACA tracking and reporting. Contact Integrity Data to learn how to turn ACA Compliance from a complicated nightmare into a controlled, managed process for your business.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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